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Watch a fly-through of Mars city designed for quarter of a million people

This video shows a fly-through of Nüwa, which has been designed by architecture studio Abiboo to be the first permanent city on Mars.

Powered by solar energy and growing its own food, the self-sustaining city of Nüwa would be built into a cliff face on Mars.

According to its architect, Abiboo founder Alfredo Munoz, the city would house 250,000 people and construction could begin in 2054 with the city complete by the end of the century.

"Nüwa solves all the core problems of living on Mars while creating an inspiring environment to thrive, architecturally rich and using only local materials sourced on Mars," Munoz told Dezeen.

"It is a sustainable and self-sufficient city with a strong identity and sense of belonging. Nüwa is conceived to be the future capital of Mars."

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