Dezeen Awards 2021 media judges

Liam Young and Charlotte Skene Catling join Gary Hustwit as Dezeen Awards 2021 media judges

Architects Charlotte Skene Catling and Liam Young have joined the panel for the new Dezeen Awards 2021 media categories, which will reward excellence in the way architecture, interiors and design are communicated and promoted.

They will be joined by architecture photographer Fernando Guerra and writer and curator Priya Khanchandani.

Dezeen Awards 2021 judge Gary Hustwit
Top: Liam Young, Priya Khanchandani, Fernando Guerra and Charlotte Skene Catling. Above: Gary Hustwit

Lead by filmmaker Gary Hustwit, the panel, made up of ten industry professionals from around the world, will assess projects in photography, video, visualisation and websites.

They will be looking for beautiful, engaging content and technical mastery across the five categories.

Dezeen Awards 2021 judge Oliver Manzi
Dezeen Awards 2021 media judge Oliver Manzi

Self-shooting director with a background in arts documentaries Oliver Manzi is one of this year's media judges.

Manzi, who is also head of video at Dezeen, has delivered award-winning projects for brands including MINI, Adidas and Samsung, and co-directed the short documentary Elevation.

Dezeen Awards 2021 judge Jeanette Hägglund
Jeanette Hägglund is a Dezeen Awards 2021 media judge

Swedish photographer and artist Jeanette Hägglund will also be on the panel and assess entries alongside Hustwit, Young, Catling, Guerra and Khanchandani.

Dezeen Awards 2021 judge Justyna Green
Justyna Green has joined the panel for the media categories

Communications expert and illustrator Justyna Green will also join this year's new panel for the media categories.

Green, who also hosts the On Design podcast, has spent a decade in the design industry, helping businesses harness digital and visual media to create authentic and engaging stories so that they can communicate better and stand out from the crowd.

Dezeen Awards 2021 judge Karin Fong
Dezeen Awards 2021 media judge Karin Fong

Award-winning director and designer Karin Fong, who works in film, television, and graphic design, has joined the panel of 10 experts.

Dezeen Awards 2021 judge Micha Weidmann
Graphic designer Micha Weidmann is a Dezeen Awards 2021 media judge

Joining Fong is Swiss designer Micha Weidmann. He is the founder and creative director of his eponymous London-based art direction and design studio.

Weidmann designed the Dezeen logo in 2007 and created the graphics and animations for the inaugural Dezeen Awards 2018.

Dezeen Awards 2021 media categories
Dezeen Awards 2021 introduces new media categories

Here are details of the five new media categories:

Architecture photograph of the year

Any photograph focusing on architecture including exterior or interior images.

Architecture video of the year

Any video or short film featuring architecture (maximum length: twenty minutes). Animations and computer-generated submissions are welcome.

Architecture visualisation of the year

Any visualisation or render of an architecture. Entries can include images of unbuilt or imagined projects.

Website of the year (architecture, interiors, design)

Websites for architecture, interiors or design studios that showcase the studio's work and ethos in the most effective, compelling and clear way.

Website of the year (brands)

Websites by brands and service providers in the architecture and design sector that showcase the company's products in the most effective, compelling and clear way. Entries can include sites that include e-commerce solutions.

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Each of the five new media categories cost just £50 to enter, making the fee affordable and even more accessible to entrants. Enter before 2 June to avoid paying a late entry fee of £80.

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