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Fritz Hansen updates sustainable N02 Recycle chair informed by folded paper

Dezeen promotion: Danish brand Fritz Hansen's relaunched N02 Recycle chair, designed in collaboration with Japanese studio Nendo, is made from plastic household waste and has been awarded the EU Ecolabel.

Fritz Hansen is launching an updated version of its N02 Recycle chair, which was first released in 2019 and has a backrest that was informed by a folded piece of paper on Nendo founder Oki Sato's studio table. This simple, elegant design provides support for both the upper and lower back.

Fritz Hansen N02 Recycle chair
The chair is stackable and comes in seven different colours

The compact, light chair is made from recycled plastic from household waste that was processed and upcycled in central Europe, and was awarded the EU Ecolabel – the official European environmental certification – in 2020.

The label was given to the N02-10 and the N02-11 with powder-coated legs to show that the chairs meet the European Union's ecological requirements.

Red N02 Recycle chairs in canteen
N02 Recycle is made from upcycled household plastic

"The EU Ecolabel stands for strict environmental requirements in all relevant phases of the product’s life cycle," said Fritz Hansen head of design Christian Andresen.

"Everything from raw materials to production, use, disposal and recycling is included in the assessment."

Pale blue N02 Recycle chairs in a social area
The design now comes in new bar and counter heights

This edition of the N02 Recycle chair also has a range of new features, including new bar and counter heights, and can come with or without armrests.

Users can choose from four-legged, sledge and swivel base versions to suit both work and social spaces, such as meeting rooms or canteens.

The chair, which has an almost graphic look with its slender legs and curved back, can be stacked up to four at a time and comes in seven different colours. Informed by the warm tones found in Scandinavian nature, these include a vibrant orange, a saturated dark blue and a pale grey.


In this video for Dezeen, Sato explained how the chair was made to follow circular design principles and how it combines Japanese purity and minimalism with the "warmth and softness" of Scandinavian design.

"We wanted to do a versatile, plastic stacking chair in recycled materials," added Andresen.

"Collaborating with studio Nendo meant the design would be simple and elegant – the perfect blend of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics."

People sitting on dark blue N02 Recycle chairs
The colours of the N02 Recycle chairs were informed by Scandinavian nature

Designing a chair from recycled plastic is part of Fritz Hansen's work to reduce the overall impact on the climate and environment, as the company aims to combine quality and sustainability in its products.

As well as being made from upcycled plastic, the N02 Recycle chair can itself be recycled at the end of its life, helping to create a circular economy.

To find out more about Fritz Hansen, visit the website.

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N02 Recycle by Fritz Hansen and Nendo
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