Nook Solo pod by David O'Coimin for Nook

Nook Solo booth by David O'Coimin for Nook

Dezeen Showroom: designed for flexible workplaces that prioritise mental health, the Nook Solo booth by David O'Coimin provides a quiet, private refuge in open offices.

Cosy-looking but spacious enough for one person to work comfortably, Nook Solo is a partly or fully enclosed pod suited for video calls and focused tasks.

Nook Solo pod by David O'Coimin for Nook
Nook pods provide a private workspace, with doors or without

It lets workers enjoy quiet and privacy while still being able to see and feel a part of the office environment beyond.

Internally, the pods boast soft materials and lighting that can be controlled by the user, helping to make the workplace more neuro-inclusive and personally productive. They contain work desks with power and USB, and a bench with under-seat storage.

Nook Solo pod by David O'Coimin for Nook
Multiple Nook Solos and Nook Huddle pods can be arranged together

Nook Solos sit on lockable castors so they can be moved around to accommodate the changing needs of workplaces, and are made to be easily repaired, upgraded and refreshed.

They can be used with a door or doorless, and there is the option to add doors at a later date, along with ventilation. The booth can be used as a standalone item or placed with other Nook Solos or Nook Huddle pods, which highlights the products' house-like pitched roofs.

"The Nook Solo has been created as an easy-to-add, no-risk ingredient in a fast-changing, mental-health prioritising workspace," said O'Coimin.

Product: Nook Solo
Designer: David O'Coimin
Brand: Nook
Contact: [email protected]

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Nook Solo pod by David O'Coimin for Nook