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Couture Collection by Ceracasa

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish brand Ceracasa has created Couture Collection, a series of tile wall coverings that look like botanical wallpaper.

The porcelain tiles combine the decorative nature of wallpaper, and the durability and hygiene of a tiled surface.

Wallpaper style tiles of Couture Collection by Ceracasa
The tiles are made to look like wallpaper

"The strength of the Couture Collection is that an endless canvas can be created," said Ceracasa general sales manager Jose Ignacio Sanchez.

"Each piece can be added to the next thanks to the continuity of the design. The result is an incredible intensity of colour and pattern."

Couture Collection by Ceracasa
Couture Collection is available in six ranges

Couture Collection includes six ranges of tiles in four designs such as Sauvage, which features scenes such as monkeys climbing trees, and the heritage-style range called Arts & Crafts.

Ceracasa is part of Tile of Spain, an association of 125 Spanish tile manufacturers.

Product: Couture Collection
Brand: Ceracasa
Contact: [email protected]

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