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Fuoripista is an exercise bike designed to look like high-end furniture

Dezeen promotion: Italian cycling accessories brand Elite has collaborated with Adriano Design to create an indoor, smart exercise bike with a glass flywheel and a sculptural frame made from beechwood, to avoid the utilitarian look associated with traditional sports equipment.

The Fuoripista Bike combines advanced technical features, such as the ability to train with a virtual coach and ride real courses via a smart screen, with a refined construction that blends seamlessly into modern home environments.

"The Fuoripista Bike speaks a new wellness and exercise language, inserting performance values into a sophisticated design approach with a strong aesthetic appeal," said Elite.

Side view of Fuoripista bike by Elite and Adriano Design
The Fuoripista Bike features refined materials

Turin-based studio Adriano Design was brought on board to craft a design that looks closer to a luxury furniture item than to a training tool through its use of high-end, sustainable materials.

The legs and the flywheel – which weighs 15 kilograms and measures 50 centimetres in diameter – are rendered in tempered, multilayered glass.

Close-up of exercise bike with leather handles and smart screen by Elite
A smart screen allows users to ride real and virtual courses

Solid beech hardwood with a waterproof coating was used for the frame, while structural and functional details such as levers, knobs and pedals are rendered in aluminium or stainless steel.

The handlebars and saddle are upholstered in supple leather and can be height adjusted to ensure proper posture while training.

Close-up of glass flywheel on Fuoripista bike
The glass flywheel is 50 centimetres in diameter

"Adriano Design chose valuable materials and designed an essential silhouette for the bike to fit into luxury contexts, both domestic and professional," said Elite.

"It's an object to show off, that ensures ergonomic solutions, cutting-edge technological contents and certified technical accuracy."

Aerial view of exercise bike by Elite and Adriano design with glass legs and wood frame
The handlebars are finished in real leather

The Fuoripista Bike, which was tested by professional athletes, can monitor the user's performance data as well as connecting them with a wider online community for motivation and support.

It marks the first release under Elite's new Fuoripista brand, created in collaboration with Adriano Design.

The name, meaning off-piste in Italian, nods to the fact that the brand hopes to offer an unconventional take on sports equipment by creating elegant products.

Fuoripista bike in a living room interior
The bike was designed for indoor use but could also be stored outside under a roof

"The Fuoripista brand will encompass a collection of exclusive creations and 'athleisure' that add to the performance to make it ergonomic, acoustic and emotional: training tools turn into 'experiential' products that fit right into our daily lives," said Elite.

For further information about the Fuoripista bike, visit the website.

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