The chairs can be used as a set

Jolly chair by Gijs Papavoine for Jess

Dezeen Showroom: Dutch designer Gijs Papavoine has created a dining chair for Jess that embraces users within a bevelled leather seat.

Designed to be subtle and sophisticated, the Jolly dining chair has an angular yet curved design that aims to embrace and enclose the user's body for optimum comfort.

"It looks like Jolly is carrying something with her hands, that's the thought I had in the first place," said Papavoine.

Jolly dining chair by Jess Design
The Jolly chair's curved form embraces the sitter

The chair has a sloping silhouette with stitch details that line the back and armrests. Its thin frame wraps around the seat to provide it with an elegant look.

Jolly employs a simple material palette and uses wax-coated leather that is tanned with natural minerals and dyes.

Product: Jolly
Designer: Gijs Papavoine 
Brand: Jess
Contact: [email protected]

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The chair is upholstered in leather
It has a bevelled design
The leather has a blue finish