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Hand-carved Altar tables by EWE Studio

Dezeen Showroom: Mexican design collective EWE Studio has launched a range of coffee tables, informed by the stone altars used to perform ritual sacrifices in pre-hispanic times.

The Altar collection is hand-carved from either marble or onyx based on a traditional craft approach.

Altar Tables at MASA’s Exhibition
The Altar tables are carved by hand

"The meticulous craftsmanship of the Altar collection, in its desire to honour the process and raw materials, is inspired by the flat-surfaced pieces used in pre-hispanic rituals and ceremonies, especially in sacrifices or offerings to the gods," the studio explained.

Each table is cut from a single stone, with its character, size and quality guiding the final form of the piece.

EWE Studio captured the production process in a video

"These characteristics define the final shape and dimensions of each piece since the rough singularities of each stone are respected, turning them into a series of unique objects," EWE Studio said.

After the tables are sculpted, a number of small holes are drilled into the base to ensure they remain stable.

Green altar table by EWE Studio
The tables come in a range of colours including dark green

"The tool leaves its mark and trajectory, which we like to leave intact in contrast with some lateral faces and with the pristine surface, alluding to pre-hispanic altars," the studio explained.

Product: Altar table collection
Brand: EWE Studio
Contact: [email protected]

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Altar table Ewe studio
Altar table Ewe studio
Altar table Ewe studio
Altar table Ewe studio