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Fakro light tunnels

Fakro Light Tunnels illuminate Kielce's renovated bus station

Dezeen promotion: window manufacturer Fakro's light tunnels have been used to revitalise the Kielce Bus Station in Poland.

The Polish bus station opened in 1984 and is known for its curved dome-like rooftop, which resembles a "UFO spaceship".

Fakro light tunnels
Kielce's distinctive bus station has undergone a major renovation

"Thanks to its unique shape, the Kielce Bus Station has been the city's showcase from its very beginning," said Fakro.

"The building has come a long way: from being the city's symbol through total ruin and back to its best. Fakro has also contributed to this revival."

Fakro light tunnels
The project involved replacing the light tunnels through the domed roof

In 2018 the building was brought up to contemporary building standards while preserving its existing architecture, including its domed roof with "characteristic light tunnels".

Fakro tailor-made the new light tunnels for the building, ensuring the revitalisation project reflected "the historical values of the building".

Fakro light tunnels
A total of 169 Fakro Light Tunnels puncture the roof to illuminate the interior

"Light tunnels are perfectly suitable wherever ordinary roof or vertical windows cannot be installed. They can also be an additional source of light, allowing to save electricity," explained the brand.

Fakro fabricated a total of 169 light tunnels for the bus station, all of which allow natural light to flood the building's interiors.

Fakro tailored the light tunnels to the building, preserving its original architectural quality

"The light tunnels have good thermal insulation parameters, imitate the original light tunnels and let natural light into the bus station building illuminating its interior," explained the brand.

"It has become a modern, integrated communication centre without barriers. The completely revamped building, with its characteristic shape preserved, is still unique not only in Poland but also in Europe."

More information about the light tunnels and their potential applications can be found on the Fakro website.

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Fakro light tunnels
Fakro light tunnels
Fakro light tunnels