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Two days left to enter Dezeen Awards 2021

Two days left to enter Dezeen Awards

With only two days left to enter Dezeen Awards 2021, it's time to finalise your entry.

The deadline is looming, so here are some tips to help you submit on time:

Entry form: Read our terms and conditions before you enter, and see our how to enter page for FAQs. Still have questions? Drop us a line at [email protected]. Get your questions in early to ensure we can help you before the deadline!

Images: Images must be under 10MB. Your square hero image should best represent your project or studio and will be published if you get shortlisted. You can upload up to ten gallery images. Do not upload renderings or digital visualisations. Include architectural plans where appropriate.

Video: It’s a good idea to include a link to a video about your project in the relevant field on the entry form. This should be clear and informative. We recommend that it’s no longer than five minutes in length.

Entry text: You will need to provide a short and a long project description and explain why you should win a Dezeen Award. Entries that do not answer these questions will be at a disadvantage. Write your entry succinctly and clearly, sticking to the facts, and avoiding exaggeration.

Word count limit: These are stated in the entry form. Please take the word count limit into consideration when writing your entry.

Entering on behalf of the designer: Make sure to ask permission first when entering on behalf of the designer.

Editing your entry: You may return and edit your entry as many times as you like. However, once you've made payment, you cannot change your entry.

Keep a copy: Save a copy of your answers just in case!

Submitting your entry: Once you've paid, we will send you a confirmation email as well as a VAT receipt.

Enter Dezeen Awards 2021 today

If you have further questions, reach out to [email protected]. Start your entry now to meet the deadline at midnight BST on 2 June.