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Patagonia porcelain marble-effect tile by Apavisa

Patagonia tile by Apavisa

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish brand Apavisa has expanded its range of marble-effect Patagonia tiles, adding an extra-large format.

Apavisa's Patagonia porcelain tile is digitally printed with a design that looks like the veining of raw marble. Its combination of beige and earth tones is dramatic and distinctive.

Patagonia porcelain marble-effect tile by Apavisa on a living room floor
The Patagonia tiles emulate the look of marble

For ultimate impact, the tile now comes in an extra-large slab format of 120 by 300 centimetres.

This is in addition to the standard sizes of 120 by 120, 100 by 100, 60 by 150 and 50 by 100 centimetres.

Patagonia porcelain marble-effect tile by Apavisa in a kitchen
The tiles are suitable for kitchens as well as bathrooms and flooring

The high-gloss tiles have a high resistance to abrasion and low water absorption.

Apavisa recommends them for bathrooms and kitchens as well as hotel and retail projects.

Apavisa is part of Tile of Spain, an association of 125 Spanish tile manufacturers.

Product: Patagonia
Brand: Apavisa
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