Antibes System by Boffi

Antibes System storage by Boffi

Dezeen Showroom: Boffi has released Antibes System, a wall-mounted or freestanding storage system characterised by its airy, open back.

The shelving was designed by architect Piero Lissoni and CRS Boffi – the brand's research and development department.

Antibes System storage in a kitchen
The Antibes System can be used as a bookcase or kitchen storage solution

According to Boffi, the modular Antibes System has a "great compositional flexibility" that can accommodate a range of different items.

It can even be installed on kitchen worktops to hold larger items such as pots and pans. This is thanks to the various heights of its side panels and the differing widths of the shelves and base panels.

Wooden shelving system by Boffi holding books
The shelving system can be used as a room divider

"The system allows users to create floor-to-ceiling compositions as well as freestanding ones, which must necessarily be fixed to the ceiling," said the brand.

"LED bar lighting completes the elegant architectural product."

The Antibes System is available in a range of finishes including veneered wood and matt lacquers.

Product: Antibes System
Brand: Boffi
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Antibes System by Boffi
Antibes System by Boffi