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Marino Bench in red

Marino bench by Miniforms

Dezeen Showroom: furniture brand Miniforms has launched a modular bench called Marino with two different types of tables integrated into its design.

Created by design studio E-ggs, the Marino bench has a curving, upholstered seat that's combined with a low coffee table where users can eat and socialise.

Its tall backrest acts as a room divider while also accommodating a high counter designed for work and study.

Marino bench with counter space for working
The bench comes with an upholstered backrest

According to the brand, the furniture's "reductive design" is built for multiple uses in both public and private spaces.

"The organically-shaped seating and backs combine and transform, enhanced by a complete range of accessories that make it handy both for dividing spaces and for organizing a bistro or a domestic hallway," said Miniforms.

Upholstered bench by Miniforms with terrazzo coffee table
It is designed for multiple functions

Marino's tables are available in three finishes: black ash, ash and lacquered black.

The upholstery comes in a range of fabrics including by Danish textile company Kvadrat.

Product: Marino bench
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Marino bench by Miniforms
Marino bench by Miniforms