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Evian launches Evian (re)new designed by Virgil Abloh

Dezeen promotion: global natural water brand Evian has launched Evian (re)new – a "water bubble" that aims to rethink the way consumers drink water at home.

Designed by Virgil Abloh, fashion designer and creative advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design at Evian, the product features five-litre bubbles that consumers place onto a base.

The design is made from 100 per cent recycled plastic. Notably, the bubble's "skin" is created with 60 per cent less plastic than if it was held in equivalent plastic bottles.

Water moves from the bubble and is dispensed through the base. Once the water has been used, the bubbles collapse and can be replaced.

Evian (re)new is designed to encourage healthy hydration for families at home.

"When it comes to packaging innovations that protect the health of the planet and people, we're partnering with visionaries like Virgil Abloh to create forward-thinking yet practical designs for the future," explained Evian.

Evian water
The design aims to encourage healthy hydration at home

"Consumer demand for sustainable innovation continues to evolve and today's announcement positions Evian as an industry leader in cutting-edge sustainable solutions, with an in-home water appliance encouraging consumers to rethink the way they drink mineral water in the home," said Evian vice president of marketing Shweta Harit.

"Evian (re)new sits at the intersection of innovation, sustainability and design."

Evian water
The product is designed by fashion designer Virgil Abloh

According to the brand, the design marks a milestone for Evian's sustainability journey as it aims to make all of its bottles, with the exception of the caps and labels, from recycled plastic by 2025.

Evian (re)new is the result of the brand looking at "innovative ways to deliver its natural mineral water more sustainably".

"Following significant sustainability achievements in 2020, including carbon-neutral certification, Evian is on track towards circularity by 2025, meaning all of its plastic bottles will be made from one hundred per cent recycled materials," explained Evian.

Evian re(new)
Once water is dispensed, the bubble collapses into a "sculpture"

The launch of the design follows Evian's global Drink True campaign aiming to celebrate transparency and authenticity while "reflecting the purity of the uniquely sourced Evian mineral water", according to the brand.

After each use, the design's collapsible bubble takes on a new shape, "manifesting an ever-evolving sculpture," said Evian.

"Its modern and minimalistic design reinforces the iconicity of Evian as an interior decoration to be showcased in the home."

From 14 June 2021, Evian (re)new is available on Evian's website.

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