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Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts school show

Lucerne School of Art and Design spotlights three students' jewellery design projects

Jewellery designed to enhance people's connection with dogs, glasses that improve with age and a jewellery prototype that resists facial recognition technology are included in our latest school show by students at the Lucerne School of Art and Design

These wearable designs from the undergraduate students at the XS jewellery course explore traditions, emotions and taboos while representing jewellery as "culture in motion".

Lucerne School of Art and Design

School: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne School of Art and Design
Courses: Bachelor XS Jewellery
Christoph Zellweger, Suzan Curtis, Ilona Schwippel, Peter Bauhuis, Gabi Veit, Thai Hua, Monica Gapsar, Kiko Gianocca and  Salome Bruggisser

School statement:

"In the XS Jewellery course at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, students devise contemporary designs and develop artistic concepts from people for people that are bold, bodily-felt and physical.

"The bachelor degree programme materialises emotions and taboos, reflects on traditions and formulates new conventions. A practical hands-on approach, with a focus on both manual and digital skills, is more important than ever before. It represents a conscious attitude in dealing with materiality and resources. XS is performance and jewellery is culture in motion."

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts school show

Jewels before your eyes: longevity in eyewear design by Fabienne Wüthrich

"The design of high-quality spectacle frames that can be passed on, resold and remodelled is sought-after. My products aim to have a lasting value and a long life. Individually made by myself, the glasses have been developed with the technical refinement of a goldsmith and the know-how of a product designer.

"For the frames, I have chosen materials that age well, and that improve in quality and appreciation each time they are adapted or repaired. In this way, a modularly assembled spectacles system become distinctive – one-of-a-kind."

Student: Fabienne Wüthrich
Course: XS Jewellery
Email: fabienne_wue[at]

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts school show

In a dog's world, smart objects to keep us happy by Samuel Frei

"My project is a series of sensor-enhanced objects that have been designed to enrich the relationship humans have with our closest animal companions and inject life into our shared daily routines with dogs.

"Based on real-life experiences, these product-prototypes can monitor the animal's environment, create awareness of an animal's wellbeing and communicate valuable information between dogs and humans. The smart objects also support the dog's training and development in a playful and engaging way."

Student: Samuel Frei
XS Jewellery

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts school show

Privacy to go: disruptive jewellery by Laura Desch

"Caught by the camera, classified by algorithm – how can you escape public surveillance?

"Privacy to go is a wearable critique of today's surveillance mechanisms – a jewellery collection that promotes self-empowerment in public spaces and resists the monitoring of facial recognition technology.

"The jewellery plays with self-perception and other's perceptions and the absurdity that underlies the surveillance system, identification and classification of individuals.

"When worn on the body, the series of objects develop an emancipatory character. This performative jewellery generates a disruption in digital presence and allows the wearer to regain control of their private sphere in what is an increasingly monitored public world."

Student: Laura Desch
XS Jewellery

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