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Bloom lighting collection by Shakúff

Dezeen Showroom: the Bloom lighting range by Shakúff references the "metamorphosis" that flowers undergo when they blossom.

The collection is designed by Joseph Sidof, Shakúff's creative director and founder, and Erno Saller, senior engineer at Shakúff.

Bloom collection
The Bloom collection features hand-blown glass pendants

Pieces include the Bloom chandelier light with hand-blown pendants of varying sizes. "Like buds on a branch, the Bloom chandelier's orbs emerge from a brass beam at different angles and disperse light throughout the room," said Shakúff.

The Bloom floor lamp is a multi-light piece equipped with a reading light, and available in black marble or white onyx.

Bloom collection
The range is designed by Joseph Sidof and Erno Saller of Shakúff

A table lamp made from brass also features in the Bloom range, composed of a half-sphere balanced upon another brass half-sphere attached to a marble base.

"This composition reflects a transition from brass to blown glass as one into a higher form, like from a seed to a blossom," said the brand. "The asymmetry accomplished through the orb's differing sizes lends consequence and excitement to the design."

Bloom collection by Shakuff
The designs reference the moment that flowers change from bud to blossom

The range features touch technology – users can tap the spherical brass switches to turn the lights on and off, or dim their brightness.

"The Bloom collection allows you to bring natural beauty indoors, and its clean look lends itself especially well to minimalist spaces," Shakúff added.

Product: Bloom Lighting Collection
Brand: Shakúff
Contact: [email protected]

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Bloom collection by Shakuff
Bloom collection by Shakuff