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Antepavilion is raided

"I didn't realise architecture was so dangerous" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are discussing footage of police storming an arts building and arresting the organisers of the annual Antepavilion architecture charity competition.

It is thought that police believed the canalside Hoxton Docks art building in east London was being used by environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion to prepare for protests.

CCTV footage shows more than 40 officers streaming into the building after the door was forced open with power tools.

Another clip shows eight officers pulling owner Russell Gray off his motorbike when he arrived after being told about the raid.

"Excessive force is not just an American problem"

Readers were horrified: "I didn't realise architecture was so dangerous," said Jolalala. "Perhaps it should be outlawed altogether? It is strange that they needed 52 officers to arrest one unarmed arts producer. They must be very afraid of us creative folk."

"'Nice' to see excessive force is not just an American problem," continued JZ.

"Beyond the general insanity of raiding an art collective, I like all the effort to completely destroy the door, frame, and surrounding windows," added BT76. "Why not break a single pane, reach in, and unlock the door? Or, you know, just knock, like civilized people."

Heywood Floyd was also annoyed: "Meanwhile stereotypical football hooligans overrun the gates at Wembley for the Euro final".

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OMA supertall for New York
Visual shows supertall skyscraper designed by OMA for Billionaire's Row in New York

Commenter dubs OMA's supertall skyscraper "the Tweezer"

OMA has proposed a mixed-use high-rise for the cluster nicknamed Billionaire's Row in New York. Called 41-47 West 57th Street, the supertall skyscraper would overlook Central Park in Manhattan. Readers aren't sold.

"Behold, the Tweezer," joked Z.

"The Dubaification of New York continues," said LNDCNTMPRY, "or as Fran Lebowitz put it, New York copying Dubai copying New York…"

"When are we going to stop fluffing these billionaires' flaccid super-egos?" asked Siphonophoros. "With so many homeless encampments on our doorsteps where are the projects that actually serve the vulnerable and disenfranchised?"

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Planet City
"Planet-wide regeneration could result in a safer climate after a few hundred years"

Reader jokes that humans retreating to Planet City "would save us"

Holly Jean Buck has suggested that instead of being forced to retreat from the impacts of climate change, humanity could undergo a managed retreat to Planet City – a fantasy proposal for a purpose-built metropolis for 10 billion people – while carbon removal takes place on a planetary scale. Commenters aren't convinced.

"Great," said Charles Kelso, "another entirely unfeasible 60s-style grandiose futuristic pipe dream. That'll save us."

Anython was less negative: "This is sort of a good idea, except for solar flares and the looming return to intense volcanism, and the many other factors that more significantly impact whether our planet is in a particularly habitable state for humans."

"I think you have to make a good analysis of what went wrong before you start solving problems," added Sim. "That is why this isn't a solution, it is more of the same really, more of turning the earth into an object that people subject to a certain treatment."

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Southwark Brick House peeks above a brick wall in Bermondsey

Commenter appreciates Bermondsey home for being "different and taking risks"

Readers are debating a home in Bermondsey, London, which has been built on the site of a former garage. An existing brick wall, which Satish Jassal Architects describe as "intrinsically part of the place", was retained and encloses the site.

"This may not be everybody's cup of tea," said Jacob S, "but it is different and takes risks, and that alone is enough to elicit appreciation from me. I love the atmosphere and feeling created here."

"Not sure I agree with all of the decisions made here," continued Heywood Floyd, "but you have to give the architects credit for going all in. If the conceit was PoMo Kahn then they nailed it. Ambitious work at the very least."

"Really nice project," concluded Steve Leo, "but the multiple varying bonding patterns across the new house makes it look a bit too fussy for my taste. Very tastefully done and well detailed, though."

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