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Airbnb Host Essentials

Airbnb Host Essentials by Muji provides hosts with a kit of useful amenities for their guests

Dezeen promotion: Airbnb has teamed up with Japanese retailer Muji to produce an affordable kit of home essentials for the holiday rental platform's hosts, featuring key amenities for guests to use during their stay.

Airbnb Host Essentials by Muji is a set of 23 items designed by the retailer, with each $400 kit accommodating up to two guests staying in an Airbnb.

Airbnb Host Essentials by Muji
The kit was designed by Japanese retailer Muji. Photo by Muji. Above photo by Airbnb

Presented in Muji's distinctive minimalist, neutral style with an all-white and neutral wood palette, the kit includes items that travellers deemed essential in a recent survey by DKC Analytics.

It provides Airbnb hosts with a simple but substantial set of amenities for their guests, designed to complement a variety of homes and decors in any location.

According to the survey, 43 per cent of participants believed that small touches and accessories that a guest might use in their own home can distinguish a regular Airbnb host from an exceptional one. These include toothbrush holders and coat hangers, both of which feature in the kit.

The kit features Muji favourites such as diffusers
Airbnb Host Essentials is designed to make guests feel at home. Photo by Airbnb

The Host Essentials kit aims to provide a wide range of such useful items for those staying in temporary accommodation.

Kitchenware such as porcelain table sets, glass tumblers and serving dishes are included in the kit, as well as bathroom amenities such as comforting waffle towels, soap dispensers and a streamlined dustpan and brush.

To make guests feel at home during their stay, the kit also includes some Muji favourites. Recycled paper notebooks and coloured gel pens can be used to create a guestbook, while the brand's Aroma Diffuser with essential oils provides a welcoming atmosphere.

Soap dispensers feature in the Airbnb Host Essentials kit by Muji
Essential items such as toothbrush holders feature in the kit. Photo by Muji

"It's so important to have the right amenities to become much more than just a place to sleep," said Airbnb host of The Joshua Treehouse in California Sara Combs.

"Airbnb's commitment to good hospitality and mission of providing authentic and positive experiences for its guests and hosts in the spaces that they live and stay is so core to our work, we were delighted to create a kit of essentials that would embody this philosophy of a commitment to reliable, quality basics," added Muji president for the US and Canada Taku Hareyama.

Wooden trays feature in the collection
Kitchenware is included in the set of products. Photo by Muji

The Host Essentials kit provides hosts with a ready-made solution to help stock their Airbnb with amenities for their guests as travel begins to resume in parts of the world after international lockdowns.

More information is available via the Muji website.

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