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Round desk system by Narbutas

Round desk system by Narbutas

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Narbutas has released the Round desk system, which is meant to create continuity between private and collaborative workspaces.

The Round desk system enables the set-up of large offices that combine the best of both open-plan and private layouts to foster a range of working styles.

Pale wood desks configured into workstations around a dividing cabinet
Round desks feature subtly rounded edges

The system of single desks and bench desks is united by the furniture's organic shape, with subtly rounded edges on the tabletops.

The desks can be accessorised with add-ons, such modular storage cabinets of three different heights and acoustic desk screens that make it possible to create "an office within an office".

Desk screens come from Narbutas' existing product range, and there is also the option of PET felt acoustic screens, which are made with more than 50 per cent recycled content and are also recyclable.

Office with desks arranged in twos and separated by a central privacy screen
Cabinets in three different heights are available as an add-on

"A traditional office ecosystem is based on a conventional approach towards creating a work environment," said Narbutas workplace design specialist Simonas Savickas. "Work, relaxation, and collaboration areas are treated as separate spaces not related to one another."

"However, utilising a holistic approach which treats individual zones as a unitary system helps us to create a work environment that would unleash people's creative potential, enable them to grow professionally and allow them to achieve great business results."

Product: Round
Brand: Narbutas
Contact: [email protected]

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