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Valencia to launch Design Map as part of the World Design Capital 2022

Dezeen promotion: as part of Valencia's designation as World Design Capital 2022, the team is launching a map to document the creative spaces throughout Spain's third-largest city.

Next year, Lille Metropole will pass the World Design Capital title to Valencia, which will present a year-long programme of exhibitions and events that aim to contribute to the region's social and economic health.

This includes increasing the design industry's integration into the city, developing a cultural ecosystem in Valencia – both nationally and internationally, launching a diverse calendar of design events and forming a legacy of Valencian and Mediterranean design.

"The city of Valencia is a land of creativity," said the World Design Capital Valencia 2022 representatives. "It is the result of the work of three generations of professionals in design, architecture, interior design, and illustration and demonstrates a culture of design that has been extended all throughout the Mediterranean

A photograph of the Valencia Design Capital map
The map will enable people to navigate Valencia's design scene

Created by World Design Capital Valencia 2022 in collaboration with Visit Valencia and Agència Districte, the Design Map of the region is available to view online.

The map documents the creative hubs across the city and is organised via district, including Benimaclet, La Saïdia, l'Eixample, Jesús, Patraix, Poblats Marítims, Extramurs, Pla del Real, Campanar and Ciutat Vella.

A photograph of the Valencia Design Capital map
It will document Valencia's creative spaces

"Mapa del Disseny (Design Map) is born of the need to give a voice to these projects," said the World Design Capital Valencia 2022 team. "Live cartography is underway in Valencia via its galleries, restaurants, museums, cafés, hotels, shops, creative spaces."

"The platform with which to amalgamate the impulse that, district by district, can be felt throughout the city," they added.

An image of a space as part of Valencia's design map
The map will be organised by district

The map is intended to be a contemporary design guide for both locals and visitors, with versions in Spanish, Valencian, and English.

It will also be updated throughout 2022 as Valencia's design scene changes and evolves. The World Design Capital Valencia team aims for it to enable users to develop their own "design routes" around the city and for it to have an educative role in expanding society's interest in design.

A photograph of the Valencia Design Capital map
The map intends to be an educative tool designed to expand local's and visitor's interest in design

"In fact, the map itself consists of a consultative cartographic process that will expand by means of collective participation, via a network of suggestions and consultations which, based on the quality criteria of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, will reward the design-oriented efforts made in Valencia," the team said.

"A tool that can grow over time to form real routes that can be followed in the city of Valencia, focusing on the use of design as a tool for discourse."

For more information about World Design Capital Valencia 2022 visit its website.

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