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A photograph of the Arrange Desktop Series in configuration 1 / grey

Competition: win a table lamp, tray and desktop storage system by Muuto

Dezeen has teamed up with Danish furniture brand Muuto for our latest competition, which offers readers the chance to win essential products for their home office.

This competition is now closed. 

Muuto's essential products for the home office and office spaces include lamps, trays, and desktops, which are designed to create "a perfect creative and productive atmosphere".

Muuto believes in creating designated working areas in home interiors, "from which we can emerge at the end of the workday and return to the comfort of being, and feeling, at home".

"Keeping our desk space uncluttered is a vital part of working from home that allows us to focus on the work at hand," said the brand.

One reader will win a Muuto Linear Table Lamp, Restore Tray and Arrange Desktop configuration in a colour of their choice.

Big Game wanted to create a flexible desktop that allows people to organise their belongings on a desk or shelf

The Linear Table Lamp designed by Thomas Bentzen intends to give interiors an elegant feel. The dimmable light can be placed in any setting and references traditional library lights.

The lamp features a USB-C plug, which can be used to charge other electronic devices such as phones, and is available in Grey and Black.

A photograph of The Linear Table Lamp in white
The Linear Table Lamp is designed to reference traditional library lamps

"The Linear Lamp Series is designed from the idea of creating smaller atmospheres through modern light, bringing a sense of intimacy to larger spaces," said Thomas Bentzen.

"Use the Linear Lamp Series for any space in need of modern, functional lighting that can be adjusted to the exact purpose of your space."

A photograph of The Linear Table Lamp in black
The Linear Table Lamp comes in Black or Grey

The winner will also receive a Restore Tray created by Mika Tolvanen.

The tray can hold home office products such as stationery and brings a new perspective to modern storage. It is available in Grey, Midnight Blue, Black, Black Mélange, and Dusty Green.

A photograph of The Restore Tray in Dusty Green
The Restore Tray created by Mika Tolvanen is included as a prize

"I wanted for the Restore Series to have a humble character, allowing for it to easily fit into any environment," said Mika Tolvanen.

"With its felt material made using fibers from recycled plastic bottles, the Restore Series has a curious and inviting expression while its corner slits bring a distinct look and added functionality to the design."

A photograph of the Restore Tray in Dusty Green
The Restore Tray comes in a range of different colours

The winner will also win the Arrange Desktop Series by Big Game, designed to bring "functionality and elegance" to the home workplace.

The desktop is made with recycled plastic and its lids are crafted in anodized aluminum and cork.

A photograph of The Arrange Desktop Series
The Arrange Desktop Series is made out of recycled plastic and cork and aluminum

"We wanted to create a flexible system that allowed for us to organize things on a desk or shelf," said Big Game.

"With its trays made in 93 per cent recycled plastic and lids in cork and aluminum, the Arrange Desktop Series brings a forward-thinking perspective to modern storage."

One reader will win a Muuto Linear Table Lamp, Restore Tray, and an Arrange Desktop configuration in the colour of their choice.

This competition is now closed. Terms and conditions apply. One winner will be selected at random and notified by email.

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