A photograph of the Origine lamp

Davide Groppi designs Origine light to look like "a bud emerging from the ground"

Italian designer Davide Groppi has created Origine, a sculptural light designed to illuminates facades and interiors with indirect light.

Groppi's design for Origine is defined by the light's simple, narrow structure. Made from fibreglass and metal, its stem becomes increasingly thinner from its bottom to its top and was designed to look like the light is soaring towards the sky.

A photograph of the Origine light in an art gallery
Origine is a sculptural light by Davide Groppi

"It appears like a bud emerging from the ground and soaring upwards towards the sky, a stem that becomes increasingly thinner," said Groppi.

"Origine is the representation of what I mean by creation, the search for the new, purity, functionality and amazement," he continued. "It is the representation of life through light, like a bud growing from the earth."

A photograph of the Origine light
The matt black lamp has a graphic and sculptural form

The Italian designer's lamp, which made the shortlist in the lighting design category of Dezeen Awards 2021, got its name from the word oligo, which means "start, birth and source," according to the designer.

Described by Groppi as "mysterious, enigmatic but comfortable," Origine gives off an indirect light and was designed to be used in both interior and exterior spaces.

"Mysterious, enigmatic but comfortable, Origine combines the fascination of the unknown with the pleasure of a sophisticated and elegant ambient light," said Groppi.

"Designed to illuminate the facades of private buildings as well as internal spaces with purity and personality, Origine sculpts and enhances every environment with its indirect light, which is intentionally non-invasive, graphic and fascinating," the designer continued.

A photograph of the narrow matte black Origine light illuminating a concrete building
The light is available in an indoor or outdoor model

Other shortlisted projects in the lighting design category of Dezeen Awards 2021 include a lamp that replicates sunlight with the aim of improving wellbeing, a solar light that generates energy when hung from a window and a pendant light featuring a blown-glass tube.