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Liliane Lijn creates neon Christmas tree in London

American artist Liliane Lijn has designed an abstract glowing Christmas tree installation in King's Cross that is comprised of multicoloured, neon light poles.

Named Temenos, the 11.3 metre-tall installation is situated in Granary Square outside the Central Saint Martins university in London's King's Cross area.

Temenos pictured at Granary Square
Top: Temenos is a Christmas tree installation that was designed by Liliane Lijn pictured. Above: the shape of the installation references a grove of trees

Designed by artist and designer Lijn, the structure is formed of 19 neon yellow and orange poles – fitted with lights along its edges – arranged in a loosely conical shape.

The arrangement of light poles forms a twisted opening along the edge of the tree, which doubles as an entry point allowing visitors to walk inside of  Temenos and surround themselves in neon light.

A person pictured inside the Temenos installation
Neon lights line the underside of the leaning poles

The exterior of the Christmas tree emits glowing hues of yellow, orange and reds while the interior, which is lined with strip lighting, emits different colours including a bright green.

"I live a 20-minute walk along the canal from the square and have watched, with excitement, the birth of the King’s Cross development," said Liliane Lijn.

"The area has completely transformed a redundant marshalling yard and warehousing into a lively public destination of housing, shops and restaurants, a home for the University of the Arts London, as well as landscaped walks along the canal and art in squares for people to enjoy."

Lijn imagined the installation as a magic circle and space that fosters protective energy, drawing her inspiration from the importance of support networks after the unprecedented 18 months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Temenos structure was first created by Lijn in 1992 as an exploration into the way in which a circle can be rearranged and changed. This commission allowed Lijn to reimagine the concept and realise it as a physical festive installation.

It will be on display at Granary Square until February 2022.

A person pictured inside the green glowing Temenos
The structure rises to a point abstractly referencing a Christmas tree

At the nearby Coals Drop Yard, lighting specialists This Is Loop installed a colourful Christmas tree installation fitted with tunnels and wrapped in kaleidoscopic lighting and graphics.

Granary Square annually hosts a number of artists commissions and artworks during the festive season and celebratory months. Last year it was the site of Sam Jacob Studio's 11 metre-tall raised forest of pyramidal trees titled Electric Nemeton.

During Pride month, Adam Nathaniel Furman created a large pyramid covered in multicoloured motifs and emoji-like imagery.

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The installation glows red