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A close view of 3D Carpet with a black stool

3D Carpet by Talk Carpet

Dezeen Showroom: Talk Carpet has released a flooring design named 3D Carpet, informed by the Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences' collections in Valencia, Spain.

Talk Carpet's 3D Carpet features a dark grey background with curving lines in different shades of white, grey and black. Its lines are designed to reference the prehistoric animal skeletons on display in the Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences.

"The different shapes and colours of the lines create movement and dimension to the carpet," said Talk Carpet.

3D Carpet used as a carpet in a mauve room
3D Carpet is a dark grey carpet decorated with light, curved lines

Designed for commercial environments such as bars and restaurants, 3D Carpet can be installed as wall-to-wall carpet or displayed as an oversized rug.

"It is a simple 3D carpet that can blend in almost any atmosphere," said the brand. "Since this design is linear, the design would be great as wall to wall, or oversized lobby rugs."

Similar to the other carpets available from Talk Carpet, 3D Carpet is available in recycled Econyl yarn, which according to the brand reduces consumer waste.

Product: 3D Carpet
Brand: Talk Carpet
Contact: [email protected]

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