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Melt table collection by Marble Balloon

Melt table collection by Marble Balloon

Dezeen Showroom: stone takes on the shape of running liquid in the Melt series of tables, created by Turkish brand Marble Balloon.

Designed by brand co-founders Ali Balkaya and Mert Cahit Ertural, the Melt collection includes a coffee table, side table and console, all with stone tops carved to look as if they are melting down the sides of the furniture.

A photograph of the Melt coffee table by Marble Balloon
The Melt table collection features stone tops carved to look as if they are dripping liquid

The designers were inspired by the Pamukkale Travertines from their native Turkey, where the deposits of white limestone look soft and cloud-like.

They wanted to craft a similar sensory illusion in the Melt collection, which combines stone tops with curved wood veneer bases.

Melt side table by Marble Balloon
A side table forms part of the collection, along with a coffee table and console

Marble Balloon describes the collection as "blurring the lines between solidity and fluidity".

The tabletops are available in either travertine or white sugar marble, while the wood veneer comes in either dark brown California Burl, cool-toned Grey Vavona, or golden Walnut Burl.

Product: Melt
Designer: Ali Balkaya and Mert Cahit Ertural
Brand: Marble Balloon
Contact: [email protected]

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