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Spring-To-Go interior

Fresh produce takes centre stage in Notting Hill's Spring-To-Go farm shop

Australian chef Skye Gyngell has teamed up with her sister, designer Briony Fitzgerald, to create a deli version of her restaurant Spring, which is centred around a huge display of fruit and vegetables.

Located in London's Notting Hill, Spring-To-Go is a shop where customers can buy seasonal produce and order restaurant-quality meals for home delivery.

Spring-To-Go vegetable display
Spring-To-Go centres around a display of fresh fruit and vegetables

Gyngell and Fitzgerald designed the space in the same spirit as Spring, which opened in Somerset House in 2015.

The interior is deliberately pared-back to allow the fresh food that's for sale to become the focal point.

Fresh farm produce including carrots and tomatoes
Biodynamic produce is organised on tiered semi-circular shelves

"We wanted it to feel like a little sister to Spring, a space where the produce from the farm could really take centre stage," Gyngell told Dezeen.

"We wanted to create a welcoming beautiful space, which invites people to have a sensory experience as they select produce or wait for their coffee," Fitzgerald added.

Spring-To-Go coffee and juice bar
The coffee and juice bar features a marble counter and green front

At the centre of the shop is a multitiered display stand filled with regeneratively farmed produce from Fern Verrow farm in Herefordshire and Heckfield Home Farm in Hampshire.

Other details include a coffee and juice bar with a marble counter and green front, limed oak shelves filled with bottles and jars, and stepped display stands covered in buckets of fresh flowers.

Limed oak shelves in Spring-To-Go
Limed oak shelves are filled with bottles and jars

"We considered the flow of people in the space as they move around the displays," said Fitzgerald.

"We wanted the space to encourage people to touch, smell, potter around and enjoy the beauty of the fresh produce.

Gyngell first established Spring-To-Go at the start of the pandemic. With restaurants across the country forced to close, she started offering customers recipe boxes filled with vegetables, bread and dairy produce.

This led her to start developing a range of jams, cordials and ferments, which then evolved into a range of baked goods and prepared meals.

"It seemed a natural progression to open the shop," said Gyngell.

Spring-To-Go shelving and flower displays
Fresh flowers are displayed in metal buckets

The Spring-To-Go shop opened in spring 2021 and was expanded six months later with a private dining room in the basement.

The colour palette throughout features natural materials and pastel shades of pink, peach and green.

Dried flower arrangements courtesy of Kitten Grayson Flowers add texture to the walls and ceilings while potted plants line the windows and fresh flowers are used to decorate dining tables.

Spring-To-Go private dining room
A private dining room is located in the basement

"The colours and finishes are in the same palette as Spring but the experience of the space is very different," said Fitzgerald.

"At Spring people are seated and at Spring-to-Go people are moving around," she added.

"With Spring-to-Go, the fresh produce and house-made goods are the stars and we kept that front of mind as we designed the space and shelving."

Exterior of Spring-To-Go
Spring-to-Go is located in London's Notting Hill

Elsewhere in London, designer Camille Walala opted for a more vibrant colour palette when she transformed the visitor shop of the Design Museum into a pop-up supermarket earlier this year.

Photography is courtesy of Spring-to-Go.

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