Altea wall light by Astro Lighting

Altea wall light by Astro

Dezeen Showroom: created by British lighting brand Astro, the Altea wall light has an elongated linear opal glass diffuser that sits elegantly beside a bathroom mirror.

Astro designed the Altea 500 LED wall light with bathrooms in mind, and it produces an ambient illumination designed to flatter the user's complexion.

Altea wall light by Astro Lighting
The Altea wall light was featured in the DGLN Cottage design by ZROBYM Architects

The light also works in any interior space where a subtle architectural accent is desired and has been used in a number of high-end residential and hospitality projects.

The LED wall light combines opal glass with a polished chrome fitting, and it has a timeless, minimal aesthetic.

Altea wall light by Astro Lighting around a circular bathroom mirror
The light was also featured in the Parfenovskaya bathroom design by Sasha Levina Studio

The product forms part of Astro's Altea collection of wall and ceiling lights.

"Over the years, I continued to sketch and contemplate additions to the Altea family, but it was the advances in LED components that unlocked the potential to create the perfect form for the wall light," said Astro co-founder and design director James Bassant.

Product: Altea 500 LED
Brand: Astro
Contact: [email protected]

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