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Ricardo Bofill portrait

Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill dies aged 82

Ricardo Bofill, the Spanish architect behind the Walden 7 apartment building in Catalonia, has passed away at the age of 82.

The news of Bofill's death today was announced by his studio Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura (RBTA), which shared three old portraits of the architect on its Instagram.

Bofill founded studio RBTA in 1963. Its best-known projects include Walden 7 and the brightly coloured La Muralla Roja housing estate in Manzanera.

Portrait of Ricardo Bofill
Ricardo Bofill has passed away at the age of 82. Photo is courtesy of Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Other key projects from Bofill's six-decade-long career include the Les Espaces d'Abraxas housing complex near Paris and, in Spain, the Castell de Kafka and La Fábrica – a repurposed cement factory containing the RBTA headquarters and Bofill's family home.

More recently, his studio completed the sail-shaped W Barcelona Hotel in Spain and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco.

Walden 7
Bofill was the architect behind Walden 7. Photo is by Till F. Teenck via Wikimedia Commons

Bofill was born in 1939 in Barcelona. He completed his architectural training at the Geneva University of Art and Design in Switzerland before founding his studio aged 23.

Much of the studio's early work is celebrated for its unusual and monumental aesthetic, which has led it to be used as a stage for Hollywood films and video games.

In the last decade, Les Espaces d'Abraxas featured in the dystopian movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, while La Muralla Roja informed the design of the Monument Valley game.

Les Espaces d'Abraxas also recently featured in Laurent Kronental's photo series documenting Parisian housing estates, while Hungarian photographer Márton Mogyorósy spotlighted Walden 7 with a drone as part of a series showing Barcelona from above.

Ricardo Bofill's La Muralla Roja
He also designed the colourful La Muralla Roja. Photo is by Sebastian Weiss

Bofill received a number of awards for his work, including the Ciudad de Barcelona Prize of Architecture for La Fábrica and The Israelí Building Center's Life Time Achievement Award.

He was also an honorary fellow of the American Institute of Architects and the Association of German Architects.

The main image of Bofill is courtesy of Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura.