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Ceramiche Refin's Cortina tiles aim to "transfer the charm of mountain chalets to interior environments"

Dezeen promotion: Italian tile brand Ceramiche Refin has launched Cortina, a porcelain stoneware tile collection designed to resemble traditional wooden planks from Italian alpine huts.

The Cortina ceramic tile collection intends to marry the strength and smoothness of porcelain stoneware with the appearance of wood.

The tiles have a blend of patterns found in a variety of tree species, including larch, fir and pine, that have historically been used to cover Italian barn interiors.

"This new line, with all its endless shades, transfers the traditional charm of mountain chalets to interior design environments, instilling in every context a flicker of that distant warmth," said Ceramiche Refin.

The Cortina ceramic tile collection, which look like wooden planks
The Cortina ceramic tile collection resembles wood

The tiles are designed to look like authentic wooden planks and have similar markings to those that appear on wood that has been worn by time and weather.

The collection comes in four shades including Almond, a white colour; Honey, a warm yellowish shade; Natural, a hazelnut-based hue; and Tobacco, a brown shade.

It is the result of in-depth research into wood fibres carried out by the brand's research team, which travelled to northern Italy and worked closely with the local craftspeople in the Belluno area.

The team analysed the wooden boards found in traditional chalets, focusing on their use in luxury contexts, and developed an understanding of woodworking techniques.

A photograph of the ceramic tiles, which appear wooden
The tiles have marks upon them to appear as though they are worn by time and weather

"We explored the most beautiful mountains in Northern Italy, we discovered wonderful places and traditions that continue to hold true to this day amid the Alps and the Dolomites," said the brand.

"We worked side-by-side with the craftsmen who know and implement these ancient methods, selecting and repurposing the most characteristic boards with them."

Ceramiche Refin analysed over 121 wooden planks from chalets and barns located at different altitudes across the region.

A photograph of the wood-like ceramic tiles by Cortina
The tiles' design includes a blend of patterns found in the wood of a variety of tree species

After narrowing down the wooden patterns they wanted to replicate, the brand conducted a number of tests, leading it to replicate the designs onto porcelain stoneware to create a wood effect.

Ceramiche Refin describes its research and replication process as a "long, emotion-packed journey that led us to conduct a large number of tests and experiments, thanks to ongoing dialogue between our laboratory and one of the most prestigious joineries".

"The refined balance of this collection, made even more evident by the intrinsic qualities of stoneware, is able to adapt to the most varied environments, even those subject to heavy wear and tear or foot traffic, bringing with it the delicate contrasts and the warm elegance of wood," the brand said.

To learn more about Cortina, visit Ceramiche Refin's website.

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