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Big modular table system by De Vorm

Big modular table system by De Vorm

Dezeen Showroom: Dutch design brand De Vorm has updated its Big Modular Table System with a design that is more sustainable and boasts add-ons.

The Big Modular Table System enables the creation of custom tables up to ten metres long and two metres wide and is suitable for dining, working or meetings.

Big modular table system by De Vorm
De Vorm's new generation Big Modular Table System is made with recycled aluminium

With the new generation of the system, De Vorm switched to one of the most circular types of aluminium for its base material.

It contains up to 75 per cent recycled material while meeting the same quality standards as virgin material. It is also fully recyclable and produced locally using renewable energy sources.

Big modular table system by De Vorm
There are also a range of new customisation options for elements such as cable compartments

The design's frame has also been optimised, and now 30 per cent less material is used, creating a product that is lighter than the previous iteration but just as strong and stable.

Completing the new generation Big Modular Table System are additional customisation options, including steel or wood for the frame and legs, and five cable compartments.

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Brand: De Vorm
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