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Fiber Chair for Muuto

Muuto relaunches Fiber Chair with recycled plastic shell

Promotion: Danish furniture brand Muuto has released a recycled plastic version of its Fiber Chair designed by Copenhagen studio Iskos-Berlin.

Muuto originally launched the chair in 2014, and its reintroduction is part of a drive to create more sustainable products using reused raw materials.

An picture of the recycled plastic Fiber Chair for Muuto
Muuto has launched a recycled plastic version of its Fiber Chair

"The Fiber Chair is one of our most popular designs, a modern yet timeless chair," said Muuto.

"Taking the leap from virgin to recycled plastic in its production feels like an ambitious starting point in becoming more circular in our consumption of raw material."

Recycled plastic version of its Fiber Chair in green, black and a peach colour
The shell chair is now made from a combination of recycled plastic of which 80 per cent is recycled

Designed by Iskos-Berlin, the Fiber Chair was created as a modern take on a classic archetypal shell chair.

"One of the most difficult and noble disciplines of design is to create simple, well-functioning, and almost ordinary objects that nevertheless have a strong identity," said Iskos and Berlin.

Shell chairs in green and black
The recycled plastic shell is mixed with FSC certified wood fibres to create a matt and tactile surface

"We designed the Fiber Chair to do just that through a clear sculptural language that refuses to compromise on comfort," it continued.

"It is a chair stripped of all unnecessary layers. The iconic form marries soft, embracing curves with an innovative wood fiber composite, giving the Fiber Chair a unique expression and tactile texture."

A photograph of grey office chairs around a table
The wood fibres are visible from close up

The chair's shell is made from a composite of plastic and wood fibres, which gives it a matt finish and distinct appearance.

80 per cent of the plastic used is recycled from post-industrial waste from the manufacturing of eyewear.

The blend of recycled plastic and wood fibres intends to give the chair a unique look with "a fine aesthetic detail making the design come alive with tactility".

Muuto's relaunched chair is available in the exact same colour range as the original chair, including Black, Dusty Green, Grey, Ochre and White with options of oak, metal and swivel bases.

Shell chair in brown
The chair is available in a range of colours including Ochre

"We at Muuto continuously question our approach and methods to arrive at new perspectives on Scandinavian design," said Muuto.

"The new version of the Fiber Chair in recycled plastic is the result of a challenge we posed to ourselves – to reimagine the way we work with recycled plastic."

"To create something strong and durable from recycled materials that could match our distinctive color palette and endure daily wear and tear. This complex yet thrilling challenge led us into novel fields of research, inspiring us to develop a new composite material in the process."

Find out more about the Fiber Chair on Muuto's website.

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Fiber Chair for Muuto
Fiber Chair for Muuto
Fiber Chair for Muuto
Fiber Chair for Muuto
Fiber Chair for Muuto
Fiber Chair for Muuto