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Hoard Storage Tables by Blu Dot

Dezeen Showroom: furniture brand Blu Dot has created Hoard Storage Tables, featuring natural wood grain and biomorphic outlines.

The tables come in three sizes low, medium and tall, and can be used alone as an end table, or in a cluster of varying sizes.

A photograph of the wooden Hoard table by Blu Dot
The three sizes of Hoard Storage Tables can be used individually or in combination

The table features a tactile, beveled-edge lid that lifts off completely to reveal a hollow interior for storage. The base is padded with felt to make it easy on flooring.

"The design inspiration came from an exploration of irregular tessellating shapes, while the final form is soft it is still mathematically derived, creating a nice balance between nature and the human touch" explained Blu Dot.

A photograph of the Hoard table in black and natural colours next to a green chair
The piece comes in two finish options, black and natural wood

The tables are made from solid acacia wood and come in natural wood or black finish options.

Product: Hoard Storage Tables
Brand: Blu Dot
Contact: [email protected]

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