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Kato sofa by King in a muted living room with double chaise module

Kato sofa by King

Dezeen Showroom: designed by Australian brand King, Kato is a modular sofa with deep seats that extend beyond its base, giving it the appearance as though it is floating.

The sofa comes in various sizes and is made up of modular elements that can be rearranged to suit the needs of the space. Users can also add a chaise lounge module that is available in two sizes: double and grand double.

Kato sofa by King in a muted living room with double chaise module
The sofa's chaise lounge module provides a space to unwind and relax

"The elegance of Kato stems from its simplicity," said KING. "The design is completely modular but sits lightly in the space courtesy of the low-profile floating platforms."

"The platforms seem to almost float, sitting off the ground for easy cleaning."

Close up of the wooden storage insert in the Kato sofa
The sofa comes with an optional wooden insert that can be used as storage

Kato features curved corner modules intended to add flow to the living space and create an alternative silhouette to conventional L-shaped sofas.

"We've taken the compact platforms and paired them with a rounded corner module for a fluid approach to comfortable luxury," the brand.

Kato sofa by King in a muted living room
The sofa appears to float as the modules extend beyond the metal base

The sofa is made from a steel frame that provides a strong foundation, with seat cushions filled with a blend of feather and Ultradown for maximum comfort.

Kato's seat covers are available in a range of different textiles and are removable, allowing for easy cleaning or replacement.

Additional accessories include a wooden storage insert with integrated lighting, available in American walnut, smoked oak and Congo.

Product: Kato
Brand: King
Contact: [email protected]

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