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Clodette Chair by Alex Leuzinger for Studioforma

Dezeen Showroom: architecture and design studio Studioforma has released a spherical lounge chair by Alex Leuzinger informed by the memories of childhood.

Clodette Chair was designed by Leuzinger to evoke the memories of childhood, specifically the times in which objects and furnishings seemed giant in size.

"The Clodette chair deduces from memories of childhood, precisely of a time in which everything around one appears humongous such as tables that were too high, chairs too big, sofas too low and so on," said Studioforma.

The Clodette Chair has a spherical form
The Clodette Chair is comprised of multiple segments

The spherical chair has an oversized form that aims to take its users back to a younger time when furniture felt just as big.

It is made up of a number of segments that are placed together to form a sphere. The front of the sphere is removed of these segments in order to make a seat, back and armrests.

Two Coldette chairs are pictured beside each other
It was designed to evoke childhood memories

Clodette is upholstered in a soft, white fabric that complements the chair's cloud-like form.

"The soft appearance is additionally an allusion to when you would stare at the sky and the clouds seemed to have had the most incredible shapes, you started having the wildest, yet facile and carefree imaginations," said the brand.

Product: Clodette Chair
Brand: Studioforma
Contact: [email protected]

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Clodette Chair by Alex Leuzinger for Studioforma
Clodette Chair by Alex Leuzinger for Studioforma