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Opal towel ring by Geesa

Opal towel ring by Geesa

Dezeen Showroom: formed from two graphic circle shapes, Geesa's Opal towel ring is part of a bathroom accessories collection designed to look both playful and luxurious.

Geesa aimed to go back to basics with the Opal collection, which combines round and rectangular forms to make accessories such as toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, towel rails and shelves.

Opal towel ring by Geesa
The Opal towel ring combines two graphic circle shapes into a design meant to be both luxurious and playful

The collection is also characterised by its floating covers, which give the pieces a luxurious look.

The Opal towel ring is available in five colour finishes: chrome, brushed stainless steel, black, brushed gold and brushed metal black.

Opal towel ring by Geesa
The towel ring is part of a comprehensive collection of bathroom accessories

Geesa's Opal towel ring in black is designed to make a strong statement in any bathroom.

"The now timeless black colour attracts attention and lends a graphic element to the bathroom for those who love industrialism," said Geesa.

Product: Opal towel ring
Brand: Geesa
Contact: [email protected]

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