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Souvenir sofa by Blu Dot

Souvenir Sofa by Blu Dot

Dezeen Showroom: created by US brand Blu Dot, the Souvenir sofa combines plush seating with a slim wooden bookshelf, giving a striking way to display objects.

The Souvenir sofa has a box-like solid wood frame, with a flat cushion forming the seat and one long bolster giving a vintage feel to the backrest.

Souvenir sofa by Blu Dot
The back of the Souvenir sofa features a shelf for displaying objects

"Our initial intent with Souvenir was to design a sofa where the warmth of wood played a central role," said Blu Dot.

"We chose to feature a large bolster as the back cushion because of the playful interaction between elemental shapes, liking the way the circular form played off the rectilinear frame."

Souvenir sofa by Blu Dot
The sofa has a long back bolster cushion to give a vintage touch

The Blu Dot team eventually evolved the design to include a shelf at the back, creating an unusual functional combination and giving the opportunity to customise the sofa through the placement of lamps, vases or other objects.

The Souvenir sofa's wood frame can be ordered with either walnut or white oak veneer, while its removable cushion covers come in either stone grey fabric or green or storm grey velvet.

Product: Souvenir
Brand: Blu Dot
Contact: [email protected]

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