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A green shop interior

Superette models playful cannabis dispensary on Italian deli

Green and beige chequerboard flooring, deli props and tomato red hues feature in this marijuana dispensary in Toronto, designed by Superette's in-house design team.

Named The Annex after its location within the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto, the latest marijuana store by Superette is a 500-square-foot cannabis dispensary-cum-hangout-space for local young adults.

The exterior of The Annex in Toronto
The exterior of The Annex cannabis dispensary has green and beige striped awnings

It sits a few blocks away from two college campuses, the University of Toronto's St. George campus and George Brown College's Casa Loma campus.

For the new space, the company turned to the "convivial spirit" of the college canteen for inspiration, aiming to appeal to the student demographic walking through its doors.

A green and white checkered floor in a store
The same retro colour and pattern theme is continued inside

"Taking design cues from the convivial spirit of the college canteen, The Annex offers a one of a kind experience where students aged 19 and above can conveniently purchase and consume cannabis, as well as work and socialise," said Superette founder Drummond Munro.

"This is a very student-friendly neighbourhood and we love the idea of servicing this demographic in a way that no one has yet – giving them something unique and unexpected," he told Dezeen.

Shelves and a fridge inside a cannabis dispensary
Marijuana paraphernalia and cool drinks are displayed on lime green shelves

Full of entertaining colours and quirky objects, The Annex's floors are covered in green and white square tiles which match the awnings on the store's exterior.

Marijuana products are displayed on lime green walls and shelves while contrasting splashes of tomato red were used for the stools and hanging pendant lights.

A greent store with cannabis products
The designers drew on the nostalgic interiors of a classic Italian deli

Superette is French for mini supermarket and all of the brand's shops take cues from retro-themed eateries like old school diners and bodegas. The Annex takes cues from an Italian deli.

"We really loved the idea of opening a shop with an Italian deli aesthetic as it allows for a lot of fun and flexibility when it comes to merchandising, the customer journey and design props," said Munro.

A deli counter at the back of the store contains an array of pre-rolled joints and different strains and strengths of cannabis, while stools designed to recall a canteen are positioned next to the windows.

"All of our shops pay homage to similarly familiar and nostalgic retail environments from diners, bodegas, to flower shops, and subway newsstands," explained Munro.

The interior of a retro styled marijuana dispensary
They hope that the jovial design attracts local students

Alongside pre-rolled marijuana joints and cannabis, customers can purchase cannabis paraphernalia including bongs, ashtrays and lighters. They can also peruse other homeware items such as candles and mugs.

A slew of dispensaries have cropped up in the city of Toronto following the legalisation of marijuana in Canada.

Among these is a minimal store by architecture studio StudioAC that has sheets of industrial grating over the product displays and a dispensary with mirrored ceilings by Toronto-based designer Paolo Ferrari.

Photography is by Alex Lysakowski.

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Superette Toronto marijuana dispensary
Superette Toronto marijuana dispensary
Superette Toronto marijuana dispensary
Superette Toronto marijuana dispensary
Superette Toronto marijuana dispensary