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Dosist store in Fairfax, Los Angeles

Dosist opens second LA cannabis store that elevates "wellness in every detail"

Dose-controlled cannabis brand Dosist has opened its second shop in Los Angeles, with an interior designed to reinforce its products' associations with wellness and consistency.

The store, located on West 3rd Street in the Fairfax district west of central LA, sells Dosist's vape-style Dose Pen and edibles-inspired Dose Dial — products that are meant to deliver targeted health benefits for their users.

At its stores, which Dosist prefers to call "wellness experiences", visitors are greeted by a trained "guide" who introduces them to the brand and its message.

A follow-up to the flagship store on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, LA, the West 3rd Street shop has a clean and minimal interior that was designed in-house.

Dosist describes it as "elevating wellness in every detail", with materials including white-washed maple wood, "soothing" limestone and concrete predominating.

Dosist store in Fairfax, Los Angeles

A feature is the vertical fin system lining the walls and counter, as well as the facade. Dosist says the design was inspired by the ideas of repeatability and consistency that are central to their products.

Wall-mounted vitrines display Dose Pens in their six available formulas, each indicated by packaging in a different muted colour. The formulas are Bliss, Calm, Sleep, Relief, Arouse and Passion, each containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in varying ratios.

The company associates the clear display cases with transparency, another of its core messages.

Rather than getting users high, the Dose Pen and Dose Dial – available in Bliss and Calm – both promise predictable and targeted health outcomes.

Dosist store in Fairfax, Los Angeles

Dosist's interior design approach is similar to some other cannabis retailers in the USA, such as Dockside Cannabis and Standard Dose.

It is one of several companies vying to establish itself as "the Apple of cannabis", associated with a premium and grown-up lifestyle, and the West 3rd store appears to nod to the retail design of Apple or Aesop.

"A consistent experience is core to Dosist's brand promise and we are applying that same principle to our physical spaces," said CEO Gunner Winston.

"Our properties are designed around three core principles – to inspire, educate and engage the consumer about the therapeutic power of this amazing plant, while delivering a world class experience each and every time."

Founded initially under the name Hmbldt in 2016, when it launched the Dose Pen, Dosist will next focus on expanding its products beyond California and Nevada to Colorado, Michigan and Arizona, as well as Canada.