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LoopKitchen by Stykka with black fronts

LoopKitchen by Stykka

Dezeen Showroom: Danish startup Stykka has created LoopKitchen, a kitchen with replaceable parts intended to increase its lifecycle.

Skykka's LoopKitchen is made from birch plywood and the kitchen fronts can be left in a birch finish or finished with Forbo linoleum in over 20 colours.

Users can replace parts of the furniture as they become worn or broken and Stykka reuses or recycles the parts. Users can also trade the kitchen's old parts for new colours.

"In order to transition to a more sustainable way of consumption we need to make products that are designed for circularity that can be repaired and hence prolong the lifespan of the products," explained Stykka.

"The owner just scans a QR code underneath the sink and because we keep a digital twin on every single product, we know exactly what front or replacement parts you need."

LoopKitchen by Stykka with black fronts
Each LoopKitchen has a digital twin that keeps a record of its installed parts

With LoopKitchen, Stykka aimed to redesign the way most modern kitchens are manufactured.

"We only have a single wall between cabinets instead of a double wall as in most other kitchens," explained Stykka. "With this simple move we saved more than 15.8 per cent of materials."

Close up of black cupboard on the LoopKitchen by Stykka
To save materials, each kitchen unit is separated by a single wall rather than double walls

Stykka uses a digital manufacturing platform to produce the kitchen on a "print-to-order" basis, meaning only kitchens that are ordered are manufactured, which allows the brand to avoid overproduction and waste.

Each LoopKitchen has a digital twin – a virtual representation of the product – that can be accessed via a QR code located beneath the sink.

"The digital twin keeps track of all installed parts in the kitchen and is linked to our online maintenance platform, where replacement parts or upgrades can be ordered," said Stykka.

Product: LoopKitchen
Brand: Stykka
Contact: [email protected]

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