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Aurora Tre bed by Tito Agnoli for Poltrona Frau

Aurora Tre bed by Tito Agnoli for Poltrona Frau

Dezeen Showroom: based on a design by architect Tito Agnoli, Poltrona Frau's Aurora Tre bed has a curved shape that is meant to harmonise with its quilted headboard.

Italian furniture brand Poltrona Frau describes the Aurora Tre as having a headboard shape that recalls the "the voluptuous lightness" of quilting, as it curves down to a gentle bend in the middle.

Front view of Aurora Tre bed by Tito Agnoli for Poltrona Frau
The Aurora Tre bed has a form that echoes its quilted finish

The brand developed the bed from a design by the Italian architect and designer Agnoli and finished it with meticulous upholstery that involves its artisans pulling the stitches one by one.

"The padded headboard was born out of the faithful interpretation of a design by Tito Agnoli from 2005, who, fantastically ahead of his time, expresses the aesthetic of softness that is increasingly required in padded furnishings for contemporary living," said Poltrona Frau.

Quilted headboard of Aurora Tre bed
The bed is available upholstered in Poltrona Frau leathers or fabrics

The Aurora Tre bed is available with metal legs in either a trapezoidal or cylindrical shape and comes upholstered in either fabric or leather from Poltrona Frau's range.

There is also a version of the bed with a built-in storage unit, which is accessible via a single or double lifting mechanism, raising the bed on either one or both sides.

Product: Aurora Tre
Designer: Tito Agnoli
Brand: Poltrona Frau
Contact: [email protected]

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