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Songololo sofa in an aqua blue colour on an outdoor deck by the sea

Songololo outdoor sofa by ​​Haldane Martin for Haldane

Dezeen Showroom: South African designer Haldane Martin has created Songololo, a segmented outdoor sofa that users can contort into curving shapes.

Available from outdoor furniture brand Haldane, each Songololo sofa is made up of sections comprising an aluminium leg and a curving cushioned seat.

These sections combine to create a long sofa that can be twisted into different shapes.

Songololo sofa in aqua blue on a wooden deck
Songololo sofa is a segmented sofa by Haldane

"The flexible and sophisticated Songololo arcs into sensual, contoured forms, taking shape as an iconic centrepiece in any space, indoors or out," said Haldane.

"Inspired by nature's creepy-crawly, the Songololo sofa has a multitude of legs that can coil up, be shaped and reshaped in curves or lines or something in between," the brand continued.

Songololo sofa photographed at night curved around an outdoor fire
Users can curve the sofa into different shapes

Songololo is designed by Martin in varying lengths, ranging from a six-seater sofa to a 10-seater.

Its seats are upholstered in high performing outdoor fabric, while the aluminium legs are powder coated with UV protection.

The photography is by Brett Rubin.

Product: Songololo
Designer: Haldane Martin
Brand: Haldane
Contact: [email protected]

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