Vola stainless steel takes centre stage in campaign featuring PK Arkitektar's Icelandic house

Promotion: as part of its Elemental Living campaign, Danish tap brand Vola has spotlighted various architectural spaces that are "defined by their deep connection to the landscape".

Vola's stainless steel taps are designed to be resilient and echo the serene architecture of PK Arkitektar's Arborg House in Iceland where they are installed throughout.

Designed by Icelandic studio PK Arkitektar, Arborg House is situated two hours east of Reykjavik on the banks of the river Hvita – the same river that creates the famous Gullfoss waterfall and ultimately leads to the sea.

A photograph of Arborg House at night by PK Arkitektar
Vola's Elemental Living campaign focuses on spaces "defined by their deep connection to the landscape"

The house's glass facade was designed to have panoramic views of the glacier-fed river and the distant mountain to create a close relationship with nature.

Local materials such as moss and rock are used throughout, including pebbles from the riverbed that have been scattered on the floor of the outdoor pool.

A number of classic stainless steel products created by Vola have been specified throughout the house, including the original modern tap designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1968. In the house, the taps deliver Icelandic drinking water – known for its exceptionally high quality – straight from the ground.

A photograph of the bathroom in Arborg House, which features Vola's stainless steel products
Vola's stainless steel taps are designed to be resilient

"The natural and the man-made have co-existed for centuries, often overlapping. In Iceland, this is seen in its ultimate form," said Vola.

"Vola's stainless steel demonstrates this relationship perfectly, using pure form, natural materials and craftsmanship to deliver the most essential element of all – water. From respect for natural resources to shaping interactions with water, Vola has always prioritised creating moments that reconnect people to nature and enhance wellbeing."

When designing the house, PK Arkitektar took a sustainable design approach from the outset using the geothermal springs as an energy source for the house and incorporating as many local materials as possible into its structure.

For example, the gravel from the riverbed was blended into the fair-faced concrete that is used on the exterior of the house. The gravel is revealed in the walls' broken surfaces, helping the house to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

A photograph of Arborg House's kitchen sink, which is a Vola stainless steel product
Vola's taps echo the serene architecture of PK Arkitektar's Arborg House

Also, the original 70-year-old  moss from the footprint of the house covers the roof. It was kept aside and preserved during the building process, before being reinstalled on the roof.

"Nature is always bigger than yourself," said Icelandic architect Palmar Kristmundsson, founder of PK Arkitektar. "The landscape just lifted up, and we put the house on top of it."

Vola's commitment to longevity dovetails with PK Arkitektar's sustainable approach. Made from stainless steel – one of the most durable and corrosion-resistant materials on earth – every product installed is endlessly repairable.

A photograph of a bathroom in Arborg House that features Vole's stainless steel products
Vola's taps are made from stainless steel

"Every product we have made since 1968 can be repaired and also has the internal workings updated for optimal performance," said Vola. "Every update is cross-compatible, as it stays within the original design proportions and aesthetics, and always will."

"This means that Vola products can last for generations and have minimal risk of obsolescence or replacement, ultimately preventing waste and promoting a more sustainable way of life."

A photograph of the outside of Arborg House in Iceland, lit up in the dark
Arborg House is situated in Iceland

Other products presented by Vola on Dezeen Showroom include a minimalist hand sanitiser and a range of brushed-gold products, which feature in a short film by the Danish tap manufacturer that focuses on the importance of Denmark's summerhouses.

To view more about Vola's products and campaign, visit the brand's website.

The filmography is by Chris Turner. The photography is by Alex Wilson.

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