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Dara Huang is a Dezeen Awards 2022 judge

Dezeen Awards are an opportunity to celebrate "new ways of doing things"

With less than one week until entries close, Dezeen Awards judges including Fabio Novembre, Andrés Reisinger and Dara Huang have told us why the awards are a chance to think positively about the future.

"I'm searching for entries that grapple with the big issues facing designers today," said Huang, founder of architecture and design studio Design Haus Liberty.

"Projects that rethink the way we work and our purpose. I find the world a very exciting place right now, and always think market shifts provide huge opportunities."

Digital artist Reisinger, who will judge this year's media categories, agrees. "Dezeen is, and always has been, the hub reporting on contemporary design excellence. Without a doubt, the entries of this year will present some of the most impactful visions of our time."

"Design is an opportunity to shape the world we live in," said Naomi Davenport, head of programme and content at London Craft Week, who is judging this year's design categories.

"I am looking for entries that make me feel positive and excited about the future," she added.

“At a time when there is so much uncertainty in the world, design can offer new ways of doing things, and I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas are put forward."

It's an opinion shared by Ksenia Starikova, vice president of brand experience at Design Hotels, who will also judge the interiors categories.

"I'm looking for a sense of responsibility and impact," she said. "Spaces, projects and programmes that have a clear purpose, yet deliver a clear, creative vision – ideas that start with 'Why build, why produce something new?' and evolve into 'How do we give back or spark positive change?'"

Architectural photographer Simone Bossi will join Reisinger on the media jury. "Dezeen Awards offer a precious chance to share a personal vision to feed the debate behind architecture and photography," he said.

He also told Dezeen that awards are not just about winning. "More than the final results, I believe that the process of participating represents a good opportunity for self-comprehension of both ourselves and our work," he said.

Being authentic remains key, though. "Don't fake, be your real self. Someone could fall in love with you," said architect and designer Novembre, who sits on this year's architecture jury.

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