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Acrylicize uses artworks to create "hyper-evolved workplaces"

In this video produced by Dezeen, creative studio Acrylicize showcases its strategy for using art as a vehicle for storytelling and brand expression.

Multidisciplinary studio Acrylicize creates bespoke artworks and installations for clients.

"Artworks have a huge influence on how you feel in an environment," said James Burke, who founded the studio in 2003.

"If there's colour and vibrancy, it will give you a certain emotive response and disrupt your neural pathways".

Through its work, the company aims to build what they have termed "hyper-evolved workplaces," which they define as innovative and connected offices that put wellbeing and community first.

As well as creating art and design pieces from scratch, the brand also works to create "activations" for its pieces – hosting conversations, experiences, and events in order to reach an even wider audience.

In this exclusive video interview, founder Burke and creative director Hannah Rummery discussed some recent projects including Contours – a light sculpture created for data visualisation company Tableau Software, inspired by the local scenery of Seattle.

Contours referenced the natural landscape of the site

"We really wanted to create something that felt like it embodied the local surroundings, which are really beautiful," said Rummery.

"We looked at extrapolating the data of the contour map of Mount Rainier itself, and then looked at that as a sort of physical embodiment within the space which then created these radial pieces," she continued.

"So from every angle, you see this piece, there's a different point of view. And then when you stand right underneath at the bottom of the stairs, you get that kind of moment where it all comes together," added Burke.

The studio also worked with Linkedin to create a series of artworks and installations for its office spaces in London.

Acrylicize created works for Linkedin's offices globally

Acrylicize's team centred its designs around iconic London visual references.

"It's really a celebration of British craft and the hidden details of London," said Rummery.

"So we've got a huge tiled wall, which is taken from the London Underground tiles, and we created a bespoke LinkedIn tile, which really  adds to that detail and the craft of the whole piece."

"Ultimately, art gives the sense that anything is possible," said Burke. "It's going to promote a different way of thinking and really start to facilitate innovation and creativity."

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