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Colourful model of exhibition space by student at L'Ecole de Design

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique spotlights 10 student design project

Dezeen School Shows: an exhibition design that educates children about viruses and an inflatable stretcher that helps first responders transport injured people safely are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique.

Also included is a child's homework desk that can be used in sitting and standing positions and a metronome that helps pace a runner's speed to avoid injury.

L'École de design Nantes Atlantique

School: L'École de design Nantes Atlantique
Courses: MDes Food Design, MDes Media Design, MDes Design and Innovation, MDes International Design Strategy - China Studio and MDes International Design Strategy - Le Studio Montréal
Tutors: Aude Messager, Baptiste Fluzin, Marion Moussu and Julie Le Ster

School statement:

"MDes Food Design research lab by design is dedicated to the entire eating system. It brings together public and private stakeholders, companies, associations, regional authorities and academics, in the field of food products, as well as presentation devices for all spaces, products and services for food.

"MDes Media Design lab deals with the challenges of information and communication. It strengthens individuals' autonomy in their relationship with information while promoting new forms of engaged and engaging storytelling. In this sense, the Media Design Lab places at the heart of its approach the need for responsibility and ethics in producing and processing information.

"The Master's in Design and Innovation apprenticeship program allows students to gain real professional experience as a designer before they graduate. As a paid employee, the apprentice has a recognised position in the company, working alongside their apprenticeship manager, who is an experienced designer.

"The China Studio of L'École de design Nantes Atlantique, open since 2008, is located in Shanghai in partnership with the Academy of Fine Arts. The permanent staff and the associated faculty of lecturers and professional designers are organising the International Design Strategy China Studio MDes program in close relation with this fostering business environment.

"The Studio Montréal is L'École de design Nantes Atlantique's international studio in North America. This program is tailored to immerse students in the field of technological entrepreneurship, so they understand its inner workings and peculiarities."

Person holding Flair wine bottle

Flair by Marie Bal-Fontaine

"Does the rich winemaking tradition of our terroirs still inspire the younger generations? It would appear that 80 per cent of them find the world of wine too complex. Discouraged by cryptic labels, they buy their wine randomly.

"Flair connects passionate winemakers with wine neophytes. This global design project helps young people to decipher the world of wine.

"It is organised around three key moments: discussion with an experienced wine merchant, creation of a new 100 per cent recyclable and returnable container and the design of a fun, educational and olfactory label.

"Flair brings a new, uninhibited, local and eco-sensitive approach to the world of wine."

Student: Marie Bal-Fontaine
Course: MDes Food Design
Tutor: Aude Messager
Contact: mbalfontaine[at]

Interior render of a waiting space by student at L'Ecole de Design

Explore by Lola Bourasseau

"Did you know that 80 per cent of travellers wait for an average of two hours at the airport before boarding? And that once they arrive at their destination, most of them feel lost?

"Explore is a multi-sensory digital device created as an inspiring and fun experience for users in transit.

"It is controlled by three distinct media, including a tactile tablet that guides travellers through their future destination and their travel desires, a sound device in the form of a guest book that providing complementary sounds and testimonies and virtual reality headsets that immerse the participant in the mythical landmarks of the country to be visited.

"The experience is designed to be memorable."

Student: Lola Bourasseau
Course: MDes Media Design
Tutor: Baptiste Fluzin
Contact: bourasseaulola[at]

Foldable child's desk by student at L'Ecole de Design

Orbi by Coralie Haegeman

"How do you motivate elementary school students to do their homework? At the end of the day, family members are often tired and still have many tasks to deal with.

"Orbi is a nomadic desk that allows the child to be mobile and choose where to study. The child can move their desk around depending on where the parents are located.

"It is lightweight and comes with a handle. Moreover, the working position is adjustable, allowing for standing or sitting on a chair or the floor. The desk is the size of a large open school book.

"Orbi is an ideal workspace that transforms homework into a more playful experience."

Student: Coralie Haegeman
Course: MDes Design and Innovation
Tutor: Marion Moussu
Contact: coralie.haegeman[at]

Teacher presenting to a class of children

Aminimo by Pauline Dandonneau

"Since 1971, education on emotion has been compulsory in the French school curriculum.

"In reality, 25 per cent of schools skip these sessions. Is it due to a lack of training, time, means or the embarrassment of adults regarding a sensitive subject?

"To meet this need, this project was created as a virtual assistant to guide elementary school teachers through the three annual awareness sessions.

"Aminimo consists of a web application and five connected plush toys that create a bond between child and adult and provide valuable emotional support."

Student: Pauline Dandonneau
Course: MDes Design and Innovation
Tutor: Marion Moussu
Contact: pauline[at]

Web design rendered on a laptop and smart phone

Imperceptibles by Robin Pierre

"Independent movie theatres are dark, uncomfortable and expensive. That's what most 15- to 25-year-olds think.

"In this context, independent movie theatre managers have a major challenge: to win back young people quickly. Independent film distribution and screening guarantee a renewed diversity of the seventh art.

"The Imperceptibles Festival offers a new experience of independent cinema. The tone and values are deliberately offbeat, even irreverent.

"As a sort of 'private club' the festival cultivates a sense of mystery thanks to a range of digital tools. Secret locations, rare films and temporal challenges are all part of the experience."

Student: Robin Pierre
Course: MDes Design and Innovation
Tutor: Marion Moussu
Contact: robin.pierrerp[at]

Green caterpillar-like sleeping bag

Chenille by Joseph Chataigner

"In France, 180,000 children are in specialised facilities or foster care. Separated from their families, these young people often exhibit difficult or antisocial behaviour.

"By the time they reach adulthood, 40 per cent will be homeless, 70 per cent will have no professional qualifications and others will have regular stays in prison or psychiatric hospitals.

"Chenille helps young people feel secure and reassured. This comforter acts as a night companion, systematically accompanying the child at bedtime regardless of where they are.

"By providing comfort, security and a sense of belonging, Chenille acts as a cocoon to prepare the child to take flight."

Student: Joseph Chataigner
Course: International Design Strategy, China Studio
Contact: josephchataigner[at]

A runner listening to earphones

Pulse by Sarah Lods

"In France, 16.5 million people run regularly, yet nearly one in two joggers are injured each year.

"This project aims to prevent the risk of injury and asks how we can create a fun, lightweight and safe tool for healthy running?

"Pulse is a sports metronome for casual runners looking for fun. With Pulse, athletes run at their own pace, encouraged by the stimulation of music, which prevents them from focusing on fatigue and pain.

"The Pulse bracelet counts the number of steps taken at a given speed and modulates the tempo to encourage the runner to pace themself."

Student: Sarah Lods
Course: International Design Strategy, China Studio
Contact: sarah.lods[at]

Red inflatable rescue stretcher on a grey background

Air-mat by Malo Sahores

"How best to rescue an accident victim in an isolated environment in Quebec? When a person is involved in a wilderness accident in Quebec, they are often stranded in the middle of nowhere.

"In the province, few locations are accessible by road and helicopter rescue remains rare, yet the majority of interventions are carried out by land.

"Firefighters and paramedics are confronted with a challenging context, especially when transporting the victim.

"Air-mat is a lightweight, innovative and agile device. This inflatable stretcher is transported in a deflated position and once deployed, the victim is placed on it and transported safely to the nearest hospital."

Student: Malo Sahores
Course: International Design Strategy, Le Studio Montréal
Tutor: Julie Le Ster
Contact: malosahores[at]

Graphic design on three smart phone screens

ORA by Martin Lamiré

"'Media art' refers to any work of art that requires a technological component, such as installations, performances, web or virtual reality.

"Today, media art exists only in exhibition spaces. How can it be promoted, made sustainable and archived to keep a global memory of it?

"ORA is a virtual platform of artworks, with art collections contributed by artists and put together by professional and amateur curators.

"ORA has four components, including a space for artistic discovery, a collaborative media arts directory, a curation platform and a showcase for artists and exhibition spaces."

Student: Martin Lamiré
Course: International Design Strategy, Le Studio Montréal
Tutor: Julie Le Ster
Contact: lamiremartin[at]

Colourful model of exhibition space by student at L'Ecole de Design

Virobiote by Léa Manchajm

"Everyday parasites and viruses remind us of disease, danger and death, and the Covid-19 health crisis has amplified this fear.

"However, viruses have many benefits, both in terms of scientific progress and modern therapeutic applications. With the help of scientific mediation, future generations are invited to change their view of viruses.

"Virobiote was designed with this in mind. It is a travelling exhibition for children from 7 to 12 years old. The children's mission is to investigate a criminal virus. As their investigation progresses, they eliminate the 'nice viruses' and discover their protective virtues."

Student: Léa Manchajm
Course: MDes Media Design
Tutor: Baptiste Fluzin
Contact: lea.manchajm[at]

Partnership content

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and L'École de design Nantes Atlantique. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.