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Cuarzo Reno tiles by Coverlam covering the floor and walls in a bathroom

Cuarzo Reno tiles by Coverlam

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish manufacturer Coverlam has launched a family of slab tiles titled Cuarzo Reno that emulates the appearance of marble.

Cuarzo Reno tiles have a white surface covered with copper-toned veining, which Coverlam says brings a sense of warmth and refinement to interior spaces.

Cuarzo Reno tiles on the floor of a living room
Cuarzo Reno has a classic marble look with copper veins on a white background

The classic marble-look tiles are available in porcelain slab formats of up to 120 by 360 centimetres, as well as smaller tiles with both polished and natural finishes.

Cuarzo Reno also comes in a ceramic version, special decorative formats for walls and a durable version for kitchen countertops as part of the Coverlam Top series.

Marble-look tiles by Coverlam covering a kitchen counter
The tiles come in many variations including one designed for kitchen countertops

"Cuarzo Reno is available in an endless amount of options and formats that makes it suitable for almost every space and application," said Jordi Albella, managing director of Coverlam UK.

Coverlam is part of Tile of Spain, an association of more than 100 tile manufacturers.

Product: Cuarzo Reno tiles
Brand: Coverlam
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Cuarzo Reno tiles by Coverlam