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Rendered three-storey section drawing by Anna Basco from the University for the Creative Arts

University for the Creative Arts presents six interior architecture projects

Dezeen School Shows: a farm-to-table restaurant and a clothes repair workshop for young people are featured in Dezeen's latest school show by interior architecture students from the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, England.

Also featured is a cookery school that teaches historic methods of food preservation and a jewellery workshop, in which visitors can upcycle beer bottles into wearable hand-crafted pieces.

University for the Creative Arts

School: University for the Creative Arts
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

School statement:

"Rejuvenating tired or dysfunctional spaces, and transforming them into places everyone can use and enjoy is the aim of our interior design courses at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA).

"We are all about understanding space, how it can benefit people from all walks of life, boost business or even prepare a stage or film set to bring a great story to life.

"Whatever their focus, our students have gained all the skills they need to turn heads in their creative careers. This year's graduates have come up with incredible concepts and designs for their final projects, which you can see below."

White model in parts to show the interior building by University for the Creative Arts student

Dyeing to Repair by Crystal Knight

"Dyeing to Repair is a concept for a workshop and experience store funded by Fashion for Good. The store makes the mending experience visible and encourages the creative repair of textiles in a sustainable and innovative way.

"Dyeing to Repair utilises a blend of traditional and innovative methods to engage and excite a younger generation.

"This project seeks to provide a space where users wanting to repair their well-loved clothes can visualise their outcome using AR technology, salvage materials from the local area to enhance their repair, dye their own embroidery threads using a sustainable waterless digital dyeing system and carry out their repair in the Flourish workshop.

"Users will leave the experience with a unique repaired item of clothing that has been given a new lease on life by its wearer."

Student: Crystal Knight
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Collage render of a Dr Martens exhibition

Change of Sole by Max Green

"Change of Sole is an immersive flagship store by footwear brand Dr. Martens that embraces the crafts town of Farnham.

"The user journey will unpick the history of the brand and break down the raw materials and fabrics used to create the shoes.

"Displaying the craftsmanship of the shoemaking process and upcycling existing materials and fabrics into customisable shoes will take Dr. Martens back to its roots.

"Customisation is a significant part of the brand and the combination of handcraft with virtual reality will allow users to fully customise their shoes, expressing individualism and attitude.

"The design allows full visibility of the process, ensuring customer satisfaction prior to the shoe being handcrafted by Dr. Martens and delivered to your door."

Student: Max Green
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Interior render of a restaurant by a University for the Creative Arts student

The Holistic Wey by Daisy Rose

"The Holistic Wey is a farm-to-table restaurant in the Farnham Maltings, situated alongside the River Wey. The client is the Biodynamic Land Trust, a charity organisation that promotes holistic farming.

"Inspired by degrowth, this project is about slowing down the scale at which we consume, promoting locally grown produce from farms and allotments.

"The concept takes a natural approach, focusing on the physical and mental wellbeing of not just the planet but also its people.

"Many biophilic design strategies were used to deconstruct the site with a strong emphasis on community. The Holistic Wey offers an immersive experience through a range of educational activities around alternative food production."

Student: Daisy Rose
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Interior sketch of a workshop

Wey-Side Studios by Liberty Hards

"Wey-Side Studios is a concept for an interactive sustainable jewellery workshop. Users go on a Farnham pub crawl to collect used beer bottles, which they can upcycle into beautiful hand-crafted pieces.

"Users can showcase their newfound skills to the public via an open retail space and take their creations home once completed.

"Visitors witness the jewellery-making process in real-time, giving them an insight into the workshop's positive impact on the environment and transitioning them into active individuals that contribute to a more eco-friendly society."

Student: Liberty Hards
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Interior render of a grocery space by a University for the Creative Arts student

In A Pickle by Rebecca Goode

"In a Pickle is a cookery school based in Farnham that promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Specifically, the aim is to teach people different methods of preserving food, many of which have been used for centuries.

"Whether visitors are experienced gardeners or new to growing, the school offers courses that inspire people to use their own produce, reduce food waste and work towards a self-provisioning future.

"The concept was produced for the School of Artisan Food, an award-winning charity dedicated to helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle."

Student: Rebecca Goode
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Rendered three-storey section drawing of an accommodation building

Transitional Shelter by Anna Basco

"Canterbury is known as the city with the highest number of rough sleepers in Kent, largely due to its lack of homeless shelters.

"Currently, there is no place in Canterbury that offers a place to sleep for those in need. Transitional Shelter offers year-round accommodation as well as educational and rehabilitation programmes for those who are keen to make a change.

"The goal is to foster healthy, healed and changed individuals ready to be employed and housed."

Student: Anna Basco
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Partnership content

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