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Lucerne School of Art and Design presents three jewellery design projects

Dezeen School Shows: silicone jewellery and a collection of objects made from the designer's hair are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Lucerne School of Art and Design.

Also included is a design project that draws on the Mean Girls film to explore the stereotypes associated with hyper-femininity.

Lucerne School of Art and Design

Institution: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
School: Lucerne School of Art and Design
Courses: Bachelor XS Jewellery
Christoph Zellweger, Ilona Schwippel, Anina Schenker, Monica Gaspar, Peter Bauhuis, Gabi Veit, Thai Hua, Kiko Gianocca, Suzan Curtis and Salome Bruggisser

School statement:

"XS stands for everything special, the X-tra and the X-tended – in other words, an enhanced, forward-looking definition of jewellery.

"The own individual art-design stance is explored via interdisciplinary crossovers: jewellery design, performative object, wearable design, medical prostheses, digital materiality, conceptual craft and art.

"What emerges at the end of each entirely individual learning process is the authentic: wearable statements and emotionally evocative products that convey meaning regarding the crucial questions of desirability, viability, sustainability and social relevance.

"What is too much, and what is excess and essential? Which items are important; what do we carry around with us and why?"

A performance object collection made from the designer's hair

My Cheerleaders – Performing objects to live with by Jana Steinmann

"In My Cheerleaders, Jana Steinmann addresses her own being. Similarly to Lady Gaga in Born This Way, Steinmann prepares herself for different vocational roles.

"In a process of self-empowerment documented in a video, Steinmann creates the prerequisites for performing objects – versatile tools with which she frees herself from the constraint of 'fitting in'.

"Steinmann's own hair becomes the starting point and companion for her creative endeavours."

Student: Jana Steinmann
Ilona Schwippel, Anina Schenker, Christoph Zellweger and Monica Gaspar

A photograph of a person wearing a piece of clothing made from faux hair

Hyper-Femininity – Mean Girl does Jewellery by Shari Eva Kalmar

"From the position of the 2004 Mean Girls film, this work explores stereotypes and associations attributed to the hyper-feminine.

"By exploring the visual attributes of these stereotypes and considering how they relate to character traits and patterns of behaviour, subtly exaggerated accessories have been developed.

"Emphasising different materialities – real hair, faux fur, mother-of-pearl – body parts and ways of wearing them, preconceptions about hyper-femininity were elaborated to encourage an unbiased perspective on present-day images of femininity."

Student: Shari Eva Kalmar
Ilona Schwippel, Anina Schenker, Christoph Zellweger and Monica Gaspar

A photograph of objects made from silicon, copper and silver balanced on models' skin

Touched by a goddess – Objects to wear and marvel at by Saskia Nadina Tschech

"There is something unsettling yet enticing about relinquishing control. Objects to wear and marvel at follow this exciting balancing act.

"In the free and intensive play of different processes and production methods, works were created from materials such as silicone, copper, silver, latex skins and pigments.

"In their project, Tschech seeks chance and magic. Whether tactile object or wearable jewellery, Tschech's works are joyful invitations for being touched."

Student: Saskia Nadina Tschech
Tutors: Ilona Schwippel, Anina Schenker, Christoph Zellweger and Monica Gaspar
Email: saskia.tschech[at]

Partnership content

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and Lucerne School of Art and Design. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.