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Ten Zaha Hadid Design products that go "beyond a simple translation from sketch to object"

Zaha Hadid Design co-directors Woody Yao and Maha Kutay have selected 10 highlights from an exhibition of the design studio's objects at Roca London Gallery.

Called Everything Flows, the exhibition presents a variety of objects created by Zaha Hadid Design (ZHD) over the last 15 years and was curated by Yao and Kutay.

The pieces on show at the Zaha Hadid Architects-designed Roca London Gallery range from objects from ZHD's own collection to those made in collaboration with brands including Lacoste, Bulgari and Japanese furniture manufacturer Karimoku.

"Amongst the large array of pieces currently exhibited at the Roca London Gallery, we have chosen 10 items very different in scope, materials, and price yet sharing the same common denominator in terms of having a truly intertwined design and fabrication process," Yao and Kutay told Dezeen.

"All of these pieces are perhaps some of the best examples of the genuinely collaborative effort between ZHD, our clients and the manufacturers we work with: a process that goes way beyond a simple translation from sketch to object, it is a two-way system that allows for continuous and mutually benefitting exchange of ideas, methods and solutions," the directors added.

The late British architect Zaha Hadid founded her eponymous design studio in 2006, following the success of her architectural studio.

Zaha Hadid Architects created Roca London Gallery's showroom, which features undulating walls that take cues from the shapes of water, in 2011.

To mark 10 years of the sculptural space at Roca, the site itself has now become an exhibition space for objects from the ZHD portfolio, featuring furniture and other home accessories as well as fashion, jewellery, carpets and lighting.

Read on for 10 of Yao and Kutay's highlights:


Duna Chandelier for Lasvit

"Launched in 2017, this chandelier is inspired by dune formations defying traditional Cartesian geometries: a three-dimensional, asymmetrical, pair of intersecting glass forms.

"The striated surface of the crystal glass produces ever-changing effects of reflection and refraction."

Zephyr Sofa by ZHD

Zephyr Sofa by ZHD

"Made by Cassina Contract, this piece was launched in 2013. Its design is informed by natural erosion processes occurring in rock formations.

"The formal language gives the sofa increased ergonomic properties without compromising the design’s fluidity or proportion; translating into a concept that allows for multiple seating layouts.

"Zephyr's quality highlights Cassina Contract’s unrivalled technical experience and longstanding tradition of artisan excellence."

Zaha Hadid Designs exhibition

B.Zero1 for Bulgari

"Continuing a collaboration between Bulgari and ZHD that started in 2012, the B.Zero1 was launched in 2017 and has been a commercial success ever since.

"Over the years, the design has evolved into a full jewellery collection including earrings, pendants and various iterations of the ring itself."


Eve Chandelier for Lasvit

"Fifteen glass pieces arranged in one intriguing ensemble, Eve is a chandelier with sculptural qualities: suspended at varying heights, the glass bodies gracefully float in space and create an impressive play of light and shadow. The product was launched in 2017."

Node Vessels

Node Vessels by ZHD

"This is a limited-edition range launched in 2018, designed to be versatile and be used either in a composition or as stand-alone pieces.

"From above, the three pieces appear to fit together organically, yet in profile, the differences in height and scale emerge and they stand apart as a composition.

"Again, another example of how acrylic can achieve a great degree of subtlety in texture and tone."

Royal Thai Rugs

Royal Thai Rugs Collection 

"This is a collection spanning 22 designs, inspired by four themes that feature prominently in ZHD's aesthetics: striated lines, fluidity, pixelated landscapes and organic references.

"Patterns within each 'family' capture ZHD's masterful use of interweaving, layering and play with light and shadow."

Zaha Hadid Designs collaboration

Lalique Collection

"Our collaboration with Lalique dates back to 2014 with the launch of the Visio and Manifesto vases – marking the birth of the Crystal Architecture collection – followed by the Fontana bowl, inspired by the rhythm of rippling water.

"Recently, Lalique has presented the latest iteration of the collection, which is now available in crystal, black, pink and now also midnight blue."

Aria & Avia Chandeliers for Slamp

Aria & Avia Chandeliers for Slamp

"Aria and Avia are lamps combining dramatic architectural features with the intrinsic weightlessness of the material.

"Composed of 50 individual layers of Cristalflex, a techno-polymer patented by Slamp, Aria and Avia convey an idea of lightness combined with playful luxury. Both lamps are available in a range of different colours and sizes."

ZHD chair

Seyun Collection for Karimoku 

"Seyun is a small yet comprehensive furniture collection of wooden furniture pieces, our latest collaboration.

"We love working with Karimoku: their uncompromising quality standards, achieved through the implementation of the most advanced technologies and handcrafting processes, highlight and enhance the purity of the design."

Serenity Bowl

ZHD Serenity Bowl

"A limited-edition piece taken from ZHD's own collection, the subtle design freezes the moment when a gentle disturbance interrupts a state of tranquillity.

"We are amazed by the versatility of this material; unfairly considered a 'cheap' option for way too long, acrylic actually proves to be one of the best polymers available, because of its ductility during the fabrication process as well as in terms of overall quality of the final result."

Everything Flows is on show at Roca London Gallery from 24 May to 22 December 2022. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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