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Cell Bowls by Zaha Hadid Design

Zaha Hadid Design's gift guide features curved steel bowls and metallic eyewear

Promotion: Dezeen has teamed up with Zaha Hadid Design to put together a Christmas gift guide that includes everything from eyewear to sculptural stainless-steel bowls.

The guide also features several glass products, ranging from tumblers to candle holders, as well as a limited-edition print.

Read on for our roundup of 10 gift ideas from Zaha Hadid Design:

Cell Bowls by Zaha Hadid Design
Photo by Rodrigo Carmuega

Cell Bowls

Cellular organisms were the visual reference for these sculptural bowls, which have been rafted by Zaha Hadid Design from polished stainless steel in silver and black.

Appropriately named Cell Bowls, they have curved forms with intricate perforations made by a robotically controlled laser.

The bowls can be used as ornaments or as tableware, and have a finish that makes them suitable for holding food.

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Pulse Glassware
Photo by Rodrigo Carmuega

Pulse Glassware

The Pulse Glassware collection comprises a series of ornaments with pleated surfaces formed from hand-blown glass.

The undulating surfaces extend around the edges and base of the glassware, which the studio described as a "complex technical challenge" to design. As a result of being handmade, each piece has a unique finish, colour and size.

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Swirl by Zaha Hadid Design
Photo by Rodrigo Carmuega


As its name suggests, the Swirl collection comprises a pair of crystal-glass bowls designed to emulate "a swirling vortex".

"The polished surface of the bowl beautifully captures the continuous dynamism, adding a touch of sophistication to any table or display," said Zaha Hadid Design.

"It is sure to become a cherished centrepiece in any home or a thoughtful gift for loved ones."

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Hew Glassware
Photo by Rodrigo Carmuega

Hew Glassware

A highball glass, tumbler and carafe form part of the Hew Glassware collection.

According to the studio, each piece is the result of its "exploration of the concept of erosion and carving" and is intended to create a focal point for the dining table.

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Prime Small Candle Duo by Zaha Hadid Design
Photo by Simon Bevan

Prime Scented Candle Duo

A geometric exoskeleton characterises the porcelain containers of the Prime Scented Candle Duo range. While offering a distinctive look to the product, it also creates playful patterns of light and shadow when lit.

The candles are available in white with a scent of orange flower, sandalwood and fig, and in black with a blend of gardenia, tonka bean and wood. The range comes as a set, with one of each colour and fragrance.

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Braid Double Candle Holder
Photo by Karoliina Helosuo

Braid Double Candle Holder

Two faceted pillars connected at the base define these candle holders, which the studio modelled on its founder Zaha Hadid's tower designs.

"During the concept development stage, we often look at references that exist in Zaha's repertoire – more specifically, the Braid series reflects our investigation into the nature of the tower form," it said.

"The resulting objects are complex and precise, and they were a challenge to produce with this level of detail."

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Shimmer by Zaha Hadid Design
Photo by Simon Bevan


Hadid's work in tower design also informed the angular forms of these crystal-glass vessels, which form the Shimmer collection.

While one of the vessels contains a candle, the other is intended as a tea light holder – though both can also be used as storage containers. They are made in pink, silver, gold, black, slate blue, olive green and purple.

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Tyne jewellery by Zaha Hadid Design
Photo by Tateossian


Tyne is a jewellery collection composed of a ring, bracelet, pendant, pin and cufflinks, and is exclusively available in black.

"All pieces are informed by mathematical studies in the field of the minimal surfaces, which are self-intersecting and without constraint," explained Zaha Hadid Design.

"The result maximises tactility through the interplay of solid and void."

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Infini Eyewear
Photo by The Owner

Infini Eyewear

Zaha Hadid Design worked with eyewear brand The Owner to create this range of four gender-neutral sunglasses.

Named Infini Eyewear, they are made from stainless steel in several colours, polished and fitted with tinted lenses. They also come with a bespoke pouch.

"This was a good match in many ways as the design language of The Owner is very architectural, which is unique in this industry in that each design is expressive, and brings to life a new idea," the studio said.

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Wave Print by Zaha Hadid Design
Photo by Zaha Hadid Design

Wave Print

Created to mark the opening of the Serpentine North Gallery in London, the Wave Print is an illustration featuring Hadid's signature curving forms set against a black backdrop.

The print is a limited edition, with just 200 copies available.

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